Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Through Me Chapter 25

Through Me Chapter 25 has finally been posted! Sorry about the lateness - I was going to post it yesterday, but I passed out instead. I had to wake up at 6 for an 8am final and then a day's work at lab. By the time I got home, the commute took the life out of me and I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer.

Happy news, finals week is finally dwindling down. I am done!

Next semester, I'm taking Gross Anatomy and while I'm looking forward to wearing the scrubs and getting my white coat, I'm pretty sure I'll be crying by the end of the first week. Friends say that once it all starts, there's no real break until the end of the year. Whoo. Joy.

Recent news in a paragraph: I took my finals. I went to a school party at a club, got wasted because my Asian blood is not equipped for even one Coke & Rum, guy I was dancing with thought I was funny until he realized I was falling asleep on my feet and tried to help me out for water and fresh air, got my water taken from me by the security guards (dazed blink - "Hey! Where'd my H20 go!") because apparently, they thought it was vodka or something and no drinks were allowed downstairs, laughed a lot, threw up during the long commute home, cried a bit and swore never to drink again. Following weekend, went out with elementary school friends and had sushi, got walked home by a guy who likes to insult others too much, friend called this morning to make sure I was alright with him asking her for my number; I said no. I took the train home yesterday and was woken up by a blonde, girl-next-door-college-student-looking-type, opera singer belting her lungs out for change to help pay her rent. Interesting month.

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  1. Awwww, that comic is so cute. Oh ahaha, it's woot. I know that site. <3

    And I'm so glad you updated! Yay. (:

  2. Okay first off just want to say thank you for the update. Can't wait to see what else happens.

    Second off, geeze, the life you have. It seems so hectic and crazy, I really don't know how you do it. I'm barely starting college and I feel overwhelmed sometimes, but you. I really admire you and while I don't know the specifics to your life or about any of the courses you're taking, I just know it's hard and hectic. I really look up to you and I hope that I can handle it like you can.

    Hope to read more from your blog. Happy holidays!

  3. Haha, your life is so much more interesting than mine. :lol:

    Yay for new chapter! If only I had time to read it. D: I'll probably try to read it within the week.

    Happy holidays! <3