Friday, August 10, 2012

Once Again, No Plagiarism

Please Do Not Plagiarize. Honestly. I can't believe how many times I have to stress this. Since there are actually people out there who would not only steal my stories, but also blatantly lie to readers, claiming that I had given them permission to do so, I'd like to make a note here as well as on my fictionpress profile: I have never and will never give anyone permission to repost my stories on another site. Especially when they're changing the names of the characters. As if that's not fishy enough.

Is that clear enough? 

I believe I had already mentioned before in a prior blog post that I absolutely do not want other people to post my story up on other sites even if they say that they'll credit me. If I want the stories up on any other sites, I can very well do that myself, thanks. 

My deepest gratitude to the readers (special thanks to Sarah) who informed me about the wattpad plagiarist. Thankfully, with their help, this incident seemed to have been resolved before I even got home from the hospital today. I am so relieved. Frankly, I'm pretty tired after call and I really wasn't looking forward to dealing with this issue yet again. I'm so thankful that there are still awesome, conscientious readers out there who would take the time to actively help correct a wrong. You're the best.