Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Histology & Dorky Lurve

Histology is the land of purple and blue. I don't understand how we can take two to three hours staring at a few slides - and still somehow end up running short on time.

I'm officially four chapters behind for the text readings whoa. And I need a better atlas, curses.

There is not enough time in the world!

A friend's status message brought attention to this cute commercial featuring an extremely dorky guy and a girl who looks strangely a lot like a friend's friend. I love commercials with a story. Yay for medicine. :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Anatomy! ... Almost Done?

The class ended without an issue and the appreciation ceremony was lovely. Now we get a week to furiously cram the whole semester's worth of material for our miniboard exam.

But what's this you say? It's Wednesday? As in most of the week is left and I really have only one day left to study before waking up freakishly early to commute in for the exam? Hahaha, surely, you jest.

Holy shit. Denial speaking.

In other painful news, I recently went clicking happy on online shopping sites (it's what I do when I'm in a panic) and I bought myself a torture device! Whee!

Emjoi Soft Caress Electric Hair Remover

So asides from my wallet wincing, I, too, can grimace in pain and commiseration. It's only what I deserve! Truly, the real tests of a woman's strength: childbirth and epilation.

For those of you innocent souls who are unfamiliar with the epilating process, it's pretty simple. Say you have 50 tweezers on steroids moving at a pace I would call a hyperactive blur over your skin, snatching away at your hair and yanking them out by their roots. You're left hairfree, smooth for maybe 6 weeks (or so they advertise), excruciatingly happy. Those tears of pain? Nah, they're tears of joy!

And if you want to try this sucker on your armpits ... do it. It really gives results so you don't end up with a five o'clock shadow half way in your day just as you're lifting up your arms in front of a cute guy or for peace signs in a lovely picture kept for posterity forever and ever. Just be sure to toss back a few shots beforehand - I kid.

Not really. No pain, no gain, right?


(And in case you didn't realize from this and last post, I'm getting nowhere with writing. I'm just as sad as you guys are. Time is too short these days. Sorry! :(

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Going AWOL

Hello! Forgive me for the lack of updates recently. Thank you for all your messages and pictures!

The final stretch of anatomy is coming up. My final's in less than two weeks covers the leg, head, and neck.

You'd think the head and neck would be all simplistic and nice since the regions are pretty small in comparison with the rest of the body. You'd THINK.

More than a quarter of the BRS review book is dedicated to the head and neck. WHY! WHYYY!

I've learned that I don't have quite as good a memory as I thought. Sure, I can remember the most useless facts in the world and it comes in handy when I pull up some quotes from a conversation eons ago (Beware if I hold a grudge against you), but when it comes to memorizing these structures, I'm pathetic.

Dumbass brain, why can't you be somewhat useful one of these crucial exam times?

So friend said that practicing piano helped with her memory so being the desperate dork as I am, I took some time to plunk away at the keys of my long abandoned piano. Work, brain, work! Mind you, I'd quit lessons when I'd hit second grade level so all I've been doing now is stumbling over the same songs over and over. My neighbors better love Für Elise and The Swan.

Actually, I think it's just a form of productive procrastination (oxymoron?) for me right now. Life is just too sad and complicated these days!

Therefore, you can imagine my lack of writing motivation recently. I'm in no shape or mood to churn out another chapter so please forgive me for the delay until I sort out all my academic duties. I'd rather not fail out of medical school and end up on the streets because I'm pretty sure my parents won't take too kindly to that and unfortunately, I don't have a sugar daddy to support me sitting around at home, dwindling my days in front of the computer, writing and snacking. Oh, how I wish! (Uh, the part about me being able to laze about the house, writing and gorging. Not the ... sugar daddy part. Unless prospective sugar daddy is tall, dark, and handsome in which that case, you can call me at - I'm joking. Truly, I think I am.)