Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Monsters Inside Me

A guest lecturer showed us a clip from Animal Planet's documentary series Monsters Inside Me about malaria in class a few weeks ago. (Same professor who is friends with Edward Cullen.)

Anyway, we thought the featured doctor looked kinda familiar, but we were a bit preoccupied with laughing at the dramatic scrolling scene of the doctor posing in the hallway with arms crossed, superhero style.

Then his name was credited. Hey! Familiar looking superhero is our guest professor! Only he looked more, ah, studious in the clip with his eyeglasses and white coat and so ...

We laughed some more.

Professor's insight into the behind-the-scenes making of these documentaries: "We filmed it in one of those offices at Mount Sinai and for some reason, they had the heat on extremely high and they had all these lights so, uh, we would stop every two minutes because I was sweating and it looked like I had malaria."


Just had an exam on Monday, a presentation yesterday, and now I'm working on small group preparations and studying viruses.

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  1. Hi! I don't mean to be annoying, but PLEASE update 'Through Me'! It's such a well-written story that it needs to be updated soon!