Monday, October 11, 2010

Where Are The Sheep?

Catching the view from the Top of the Rock with a friend a couple of weeks ago:
Me: "Hey, the map points that out as the Sheep Meadow."
Him: "Yeah? Oh, so those blobs must be sheep!"
Me: "Hmm ... no, I think those are people ..."
Him: "But they're not moving."
Me: "Sunbathers?"
Him: "They seem like they're all the same color though. They're all ... brown."
Me: "Brown sheep?"
Him: "Maybe."
Me: "More like tanned people, I think."
Him: "Alright, hold on, let me look this up on my phone and we'll settle this once and for all."
Him: *fiddles with phone*
Me: *fiddles with map*
Me: "Oh, hey, look here, the map also says sheep grazed there until 1934. Hmm, what year are we in again?"
Him: "Yeah, well, wiki says ... okay, fine. You can wipe that smirk off your face now."
Other recent happenings: My cousin's first born was born - it's a girl! I had to bring my notes and hunch over to cram for my neuropsych final at her one month banquet, but she's absolutely adorablicious. And the food was great. I also went out to celebrate a friend's birthday and we had Venezuelan food. Guacamole and arepas with pork brisket, yum. My other cousin coincidentally had his birthday around the same time and we feasted on pasta and tiramisu for dinner. (My life revolves around food.) His sister later surprised him with an iPad! Dude, she should be my sister haha.

Yet another friend's birthday is coming up so we just went out last night and tried Ukrainian food for dinner, where friends claimed I took my time pondering over the menu just to have an excuse to repeat borscht a gazillion times. Well, borscht turned out to be pretty yummy. So were the pierogies. The stuffed cabbage ... not so much. We also demolished a whole cheesecake topped with berries. Restaurant rejected our surprise cake from outside so we made do with just forks from a nearby cafe and sat in the outside seating. There is something strangely satisfying though about just forking into a cake, civilized pieces be damned. (Indeed, my life revolves around food.)

Otherwise, life has been pretty boring ever since I got back to school. The workload has been seriously picking up its pace. I just had a subject board exam last week and more weekly exams lined up for this month (clinical epi, systemic path, pathophys, and so forth). Sighs.

I am about 9 pages in for TM Chapter 29 so please bear with me. Hopefully, I can squeeze in some writing time one of these days and finish this once and for all. Thanks for understanding, everyone.


  1. Awww! Babies are such amazing things... they're fascinating.

    Oh, I uh totally found the closest Tristan I've ever seen.

    His name is Bradley James.

    The pictures may not do his Tristan-ness justice enough... I think you'd really get the sense of it watching a clip or two. So... here:

  2. Hey Sanju, thanks for linking pics and videos for me! I never heard of Bradley James before and the boy is quite cute. I love seeing readers' ideas of the characters haha. Thanks! I should post your links up in a separate post for handy character pics ogling.

    - Maeven