Friday, February 25, 2011

Advanced Medical Technology


  1. *snorts at the comic*

    Also, funnily enough there's a guy in my PolySci course named tristan who is also tall, blonde, and good-looking. quiet though. >_>; was totally cold to me. Idon'tlikecoldguysilikewhiteprinces.

    But had to let you know.

    How tall are Tristan and Adeline anyways?

  2. Haha, white princes :)

    Hmm, tall enough. Haha, I can't give you exact numbers because I haven't really thought of these stats before but I believe I've always thought of Tristan as average tallness - not short but not towering like one of those giant basketball players - and Adeline is taller than Sammy, but probably reaches Tristan's ears or so.


    Thanks for the comment! :)