Sunday, March 2, 2014

Bleeding Love Dance

Been busy and totally neglected this blog again. Was on the interview trail and am finishing up some fourth year required electives. So this is a post to declare I'm still alive! Also, those of you still plagiarizing my stories - c'mon, do we really have to do this again? Also, since some readers have informed me fictionpress finally got off its butt and disabled the whole copy+paste function ... how? Why? It takes pathetic to a whole new insanity level if a plagiarist is resorting to figuring out how to get past the c+p thing in order to copy a story to put up on another site.

I love songs, dances, musicals, things that are able to effectively tell a story so if it's accomplished in a visually captivating way, thumbs up! I like this:


  1. Hooray, you're back! I hope medical school is going well :-) Keep us updated on your life! I've always enjoyed your blog and your stories.

    P.S. Do you have any good book recommendations? I'm at a loss of what to read nowadays.

    1. Thanks! Maybe try the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series? There are only 2 books out, but I've read them both and the author has such a lovely writing style. Her plot is thoughtful and magical with a pinch of witty humor that I adore.

  2. It's nice to see a new post! I really enjoy your blog because you write beautiful stories and you give great anecdotes of your med school life (which I'm really interested in. I hope to study that when I'm older.)

    Yeah, Fictionpress made it impossible to select any of the text, although people are still able to take screenshots, so that may be a way to plagiarize. Or if someone's really dedicated, they could type out the whole thing again...
    I suppose there might be some sort of hack to get around that, but most of us aren't that computer savvy to do it.

    Anyways, I've never commented before, although I've religiously read every single post on this blog. (Wow, that sounded creepier than intended.) I'm not a stalker though, I swear. I just think you're an amazing person.

    So, good luck with your interviews! I've heard from so many people that med school is the toughest thing ever, but you've managed to pull through and write the best stories to ever exist of Fictionpress.

    1. Aw, thanks, Marcaine! I think you're an amazing person for reading my stories and all my blog posts. Without running away. :) Readers like you keep me going!