Monday, August 25, 2008

Through Me Chapter 20 & The Namesake

Through Me Chapter 20 is finally up. It's not one of my most favorite chapters, but I'm looking forward to the events it's building up to.

I can't believe the Beijing Olympics are already over. Four years of hard preparations for them and in a blink of an eye, the Olympics came and went.

Similarly, summertime just has a way of breezing by. In two days, I'll be back at school. Wow. Joy.

I'm taking Chinese and French this semester though just to give me something to focus on other than biochemical pathways and epidemiology. I'd probably still cry throughout the term though.

Anyway, I went on a movies rampage the other day. I got a chance to finally watch The Namesake, which is something I'd always wanted to do ever since I read the book. I enjoyed it. Usually, I hate the way books get turned into movies, but this one stayed pretty much true to the story and I liked it. Maybe it worked because Jhumpa Lahiri's plot and style have always been inherently simplistic, focusing on character development through side stories and imagery, and the film didn't have trouble cramming in more than it could take, but I thought the way the movie developed the parents' relationship was nicely done. It was certainly visually appealing to see many of Lahiri's intricate details and scenes come to life and it was a bittersweet ending that left the viewer pondering long after the credits rolled.

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