Friday, September 5, 2008

New Semester

So it's been two weeks back now. Classes are going okay so far though I'm ridiculously behind on my readings already.

What I've learned so far:

1. When you're asleep and someone pokes you in the arm and you awake with a jolt and go "Uh?", that's the sound of E, Frenchified.

2. 我可以写中文。

3. Random tidbit from my Epidemiology class: never eat pork that is remotely undercooked. Trichinosis = parasitic worms whose larvae thrive in raw pork meat that can eat their way through into your muscles. This isn't really a major problem in the developed world, but there are still cases that occur. Trichinosis may have inspired certain pork prohibitions in various religions such as Judaism.

4. I will never catch up on my Biochemistry readings no matter how desperately I try.

5. I might have insomnia.

6. I have a scholarship foundation dinner coming up and it's located at the end of the world. It's a two hour subway ride and then another half hour bus ride because there are no train station near it. Thank goodness for Google Maps?

xkcd on Google Maps


  1. .. You're not actually Chinese though are you

    Also.. you're using simplified Chinese.. Which looks terrible compared to Traditional ^^ hah hah

  2. ... As a matter of fact, I'm Chinese-American. :) Cantonese, specifically. What about it?

    Also... yes, that is simplified Chinese. Because I specifically set my keyboard to simplified for emails to the prof. I've never typed Chinese before so I'm a happy newbie. It's the same pinyin for traditional though so if you really protest the look of it, you can easily set traditional for your computer and have at it.

    Here. 我可以寫中文。 Go wild. :)

    The prof will be teaching both styles though so I'm looking forward to that. I learned simplified when I was younger so I entered the class specifically for honing the Mandarin pronunciation and the traditional writing since, agreed, I think the traditional characters look better too.

  3. Lol oh, I'm mandarin and although my chinese is TERRIBLE it's good enough to read and write the little stuff... and to pickout the key words i need on menu's in restaurants... OK maybe i cheat and look at the english if it doesn't say beef hah hah hah