Sunday, March 8, 2009

Going AWOL

Hello! Forgive me for the lack of updates recently. Thank you for all your messages and pictures!

The final stretch of anatomy is coming up. My final's in less than two weeks covers the leg, head, and neck.

You'd think the head and neck would be all simplistic and nice since the regions are pretty small in comparison with the rest of the body. You'd THINK.

More than a quarter of the BRS review book is dedicated to the head and neck. WHY! WHYYY!

I've learned that I don't have quite as good a memory as I thought. Sure, I can remember the most useless facts in the world and it comes in handy when I pull up some quotes from a conversation eons ago (Beware if I hold a grudge against you), but when it comes to memorizing these structures, I'm pathetic.

Dumbass brain, why can't you be somewhat useful one of these crucial exam times?

So friend said that practicing piano helped with her memory so being the desperate dork as I am, I took some time to plunk away at the keys of my long abandoned piano. Work, brain, work! Mind you, I'd quit lessons when I'd hit second grade level so all I've been doing now is stumbling over the same songs over and over. My neighbors better love Für Elise and The Swan.

Actually, I think it's just a form of productive procrastination (oxymoron?) for me right now. Life is just too sad and complicated these days!

Therefore, you can imagine my lack of writing motivation recently. I'm in no shape or mood to churn out another chapter so please forgive me for the delay until I sort out all my academic duties. I'd rather not fail out of medical school and end up on the streets because I'm pretty sure my parents won't take too kindly to that and unfortunately, I don't have a sugar daddy to support me sitting around at home, dwindling my days in front of the computer, writing and snacking. Oh, how I wish! (Uh, the part about me being able to laze about the house, writing and gorging. Not the ... sugar daddy part. Unless prospective sugar daddy is tall, dark, and handsome in which that case, you can call me at - I'm joking. Truly, I think I am.)


  1. I'm not so surprised that there are so many finer details just over the head and neck regions. It's terrifying how so much paperwork can go into so small parts of the body.

    Then again, there's so much about the head that I'm sure even the professionals don't know... mental stuff...

    I'm in Medical Technology, and I'm a little overwhelmed with all the Blood Group systems that can be found. Ever since high school I was only under the impression that ABO was the only types of blood you could have. In college, you learn about the Lewis system.

    Now, there are so, so many many more.

    But anyway, good luck with your finals. I hate the feeling of feeling like you haven't studied enough even though you've been eating, breathing, and dreaming about course lectures and text book notes. I'm sure you'll do fine, though.

    LOL, a sugar daddy, huh? Well, I'm sure if I could create my own sugar daddy, I wouldn't mind having one so that I could sit at home all day, write, surf internet, read books, watch movies, and be blah and gorge on endless supply of junk food. But tall, dark and handsome isn't much my type. In fact, a certain Tristan Harland, though much younger than me, is my perfect man and could make a very ideal sugar daddy... I envy you, Adel. I so, so, envy you...

  2. Hey, no worries about not getting up a chapter. At least you showed us you didn't die or anything. (:

    Take your time to make quality chapters that we can write quality reviews about and have quality time enjoying. (:

    Anyway. Yeah. I LOVE Cyanide and Happiness.

    Good luck with finals. You're only going to fail if it's opposite day. :]

  3. I can imagine how overwhelming Blood Groups systems can be! :( Way back, once upon a time, the body seemed so much simpler. Flesh, bones, blood. The end.

    I wish I could start writing quality chapters again! Instead, I'm spending quality time with the textbooks and microscope now. And less with my bed and pillow.

    Still looking for my sugar daddy ...