Tuesday, June 9, 2009

FF Plagiarized. Again.

Happy news: I had time to get down 8 pages for Through Me Chapter 27! So I hope to get it out pretty soon, yay!

Bad news: I was informed by McQuinn of The Fictionpress Watchers that False Facades was plagiarized. Again. On Winglin. Again.

This time, the girl not only took the time to change the locations, features, and names, she also managed to translate pages of the dialogue into another language - Filipino, I think?

By now, there's been so much plagiarism incidents, I'm more astonished by the level of dedication some people have in stealing stories than I am really upset. Of course, I'm still ticked off, but it wasn't to the point where I got murderous furious like last time, when the girl actually impersonated me and answered readers with a flippant, "Yup, I'm the same Maeven from Fictionpress! Totally not plagiarizing here!" Uh huh.

Like before, I left a message on her comments page to give her a chance to remove the story herself. I generally think the plagiarists who steal my stories are pretty young and their purpose is to get whatever comments they could. Hopefully, she'll realize this is a very serious crime and won't do this again. If not ... I'll have to set up a Winglin account tomorrow and post a message to the administrators. Sighs.

Bright side? I found out how kickass The Fictionpress Watchers are! Holy crap, I really don't think I would have ever found this plagiarist. Even though it seems like there's a sudden increase in plagiarism incidents, I think it's more because we have these new Watchers and their dedication to uncovering all these incidents that have been floating around unnoticed these past years. Even though the message was bad news, I'm in total fangirl mode and if I wasn't such a mess these days and so website/technologically bleh, I'd totally leap into LiveJournal territory and sign up just to worship join their community. I don't know how they do it, especially since this person actually changed a lot of the dialogue into another language, but they found it and I'm eternally grateful. I bow down to their sleuthing skills.

And now ... I have to study for my practical. I went to bed at 6am on Sunday to study for my written exam, oh lord. Good thing I had a monstrous iced coffee earlier in the day. Otherwise, Neuro seems to be going well and I'll be posting the next chapter pretty soon. I sent it off to my cousin for her perusal first and I'm going to hammer down some more details, maybe add some extra scenes, before I get it out there. Once again, thanks for your support and your patience!

(Is it sad to get so used to plagiarism incidents that most authors' reactions these days are "Oh damn, not again. Link, name, administrators, please?"? I honestly thought I was lucky enough to have my story finally go under the radar and escape all these recent issues. Thank goodness it's just one recent case and it's on a site that I had dealt with before. Here's to hoping plagiarists will go extinct sooner than later.)


  1. Yay! Can't wait for the next chapter.
    btw, would there be any chances of you taking down your stories too, because of plagiarism? Because so many of my favourite Fp authors have removed their stories and I'm just about to tear my hair out.

    If you take yours down too, I think I'll go bald. ^^

  2. ... I'm just TOO MAD. So aside from haveing my GCSE exams, effing underground strikes (Yes I live in stupid London UK). I hear this! As if having 26 exams wasnt enough to raise my blood pressure. I'm so sick of people plagerizing! All my favouriter authors have gone and I cant even read my favourite fics (At least yours is still on.) TT___TT.

    Please dont take False Facades off, I've been a loyal and good reader not copy and pasting any of anybodys work just to repect them because I know they dont want people right clicking. BUT please. Begging you. At lease leave me one amazing story to read, FF was my first ever read on FP and I have to say my favourite, dont know what I'd do if there where anymore talented authors taking down their work. TT___TT

    Sigh. YAY! You finally go down to writing. *Happy dance*



  3. No worries, I believe my stories and I will still be around for quite some time. Thanks for the support! It's readers like you guys that remind me of FP's better days.

  4. Hey. First of all, I will say that I'm a nobody haha. You can call me a silent reader, if you will. I haven't read 'False Facades' but after all the plagiarism hurrah, I think I will now. And second of all, this is completely random, but your plagiarist, I believe, is either from Malaysia or Indonesia because 'sayang' in our language means 'love/dear'. That's all and thanks, thanks, thanks for reposting 'False Facades'. I'm so sad now because both Myrika and Angels and Effects took their stories down and I can't ever read them again thanks to a bunch of evil apes.

  5. arrrgh, I bet this really sucks
    forget the swine flu, Fictionpress Plagiarism is the new pandemic, like a virus don't you reckon? or a plague?
    Okay, forget about my weird metaphors, whatever you do, it's your discision and i agree with you too, ficionpress watchers are really good sleuthers!
    Anyway, have a nice day, and good luck in your future writing works, whether it is in Fictionpress or not