Friday, June 19, 2009

Through Me 27 Update

Through Me Chapter 27 has finally been posted! It's incredibly long - 22 pages - but I figured you guys would kill me twice over if I didn't offer up some answers after the long wait. Thanks for the patience and support, all!

Now that this is over ... I'm going to fail my second Neuro exam. Oh boy. And friend is probably gonna slap me five times for saying I'm studying when I've been writing instead. I'm sorry!

Exam's coming up this Monday, the day of my birthday. Ugh. I can feel the old age creeping up on me. And this completely shoots celebratory plans over the weekends to hell since I'll be busy cramming and not sleeping.

And friend's gonna slap me again for not using this day more productively. When people expect me to study early in advance, so that I can have a carefree weekend before the exam ... yeah, I don't know why, it never quite happens.

But I hope you guys have a great weekend! And an awesome Father's Day! :)

What I've recently learned in Neuro:

- Most people know that there are five tastes, but not many of them can actually list them out. Do you know what they are? And spicy does not count. (It's actually a pain reflex. But it's so good.)

- Too many people have landed in the hospital - and died - for taking an odd mix of ecstasy, Viagra, and Red Bull. Don't do it.

Oh yeah, I'm so ready for this exam. Heh.


  1. Yay! New chapter out! Thank you so much! I've been having withdrawals. If not for school keeping me busy, I thought about going through and rereading the story from the beginning again.

    I have a test coming up on Monday too and instead of studying, I've been playing Sims 3. Very, very addictive. This is bad. Clinical Microbiology with an infinite number of testing media that can be used to isolate one microorganism. Need to know all of them and what's in them and what they do and ectera, ectera...

    Sucks that you have a test on your birthday though. I got lucky and one of my most recent tests was the day after my birthday.

    Happy early birthday, by the way!! I know a lot of summer babies, including myself.

    Anyway, as for the five tastes, isn't it sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and this other Japanese-derived one they call "umame" or something like that? I think I heard of this in one of my biology classes once, but I might be wrong. Teacher also stressed greatly that spicy is not a taste. Though now that you mention it, I understand that it makes more sense as a pain reflex (hehe, I'm not much of a spicy person).

    Once again, thank you for posting the next chapter. I haven't read it yet, but I'm not my way right now. Keep up the good work and don't stress yourself out too much.

  2. Although I am sure you are severely creeped out by me and the weird things I say, let me assure you I am not as weird as I sound....or type...idk Lol, well at least if you read them on fiction press, which if you didn't I probably look weird talking about it....but whatevers!

    anyway I wanted to know,btw this is about your fiction press stories, if you ever have enough free time again, if you plan on writing another one after this?
    Because I would really like to know more about Will, I really like Will :))))))))))))
    Though I bet, if you don't wrap it up in this one, you might write about Caine and Danielle, While I also interested in all the characters in this story, I really think Will deserves some completely opposite girl to fall in love with him, though I am not sure why, just fits maybe, and I have always thought it would be interesting if Will had some dark past or something and he just always acts happy, welll not always acts, but pushes it so no one knows, well maybe thats because its a story Idea I had for myself, but I would totally be happy if you wrote it....ok...I will stop bugging you now, because I am sure I have come across highly

  3. Freaking typo that I catch a day later. I meant to say that I'm on my way to read the chapter... But I guess that doesn't matter since I read it already.

    Anyway, I thought it was an excellent chapter and liked how so many questions are finally answered. Very emotionally trying for Adel. I left a comment on the chapter itself. But I still wanted to say that it was very, very, very good.

    Even Will managed to make an appearance. And then Hannah... ah, something's up with her.

  4. Hey:) okay, this is the first time i'm commenting on your blog and I really should say, though i'm sure you've heard it before, I love your stories:) Everytime i read a new chapter on FP of Through Me i crack up laughing like crazy:) You're a really excellent writer:) I'm surprised that after so many plagiarism incidents you haven't blown your top and given up writing completely, moreover you're still posting on FP...I admire you for that:) hope the exams don't go as badly as you think they will:) and after, you should go out and celebrate a bit, even if you are gerring older:)

  5. SoOo Happy that chapter 27 is out! At last!=) Sucks that I haven't read it yet, but i will comment on FP once I've read it! Love your stories! Happy Early Birthday to You! Hope you pass your test!=)

  6. Thanks for the comments, everybody!

    anicheung: I love your constant support. I can always count on you! :) Yay for smartness! You got the five tastes right: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami. Umami's generally the taste of MSG - you know, the not-so-good for you compound that makes Chinese delivery food taste so good.

    Your exams and classes sound just as hardcore as mine, poor girl! Best of luck!

    Reedoh: LOL, I love your reviews. I'm not sure yet what my next story after TM will be. I'm probably gonna discontinue Unfinished Business because it's simply been too long and I can't go back to it without feeling the urge to mass-correct earlier parts of it.

    I might continue with the crew from FF and TM, but I also might branch out with new characters and places. I'm thinking of revamping other cliches - it's awful, I know, but these days, I've been thinking of a twist on the good old vampire meets girl tale. Except with so many of these vamp stories flooding FP after Twilight, I have a feeling most readers these days see the word "vampire" in the summary and instantly groan "Not again." I'll have to finish up TM and think about it.

    La Séraphin De La Lune: Thanks for your comments! I'm so glad you like my stories so far! I did blow my top once before over False Facades' plagiarism incidents - the author had pretended to be me when she responded to readers and even granted them permission to copy and distribute the story; I removed the story immediately, but several months later, after things cooled down, I thought most of the plagiarists had "died down" and I felt bad for all the readers who had messaged me for copies of the story so I decided to slap it back up, even though I physically cringed at the roughness of the draft.

    I pulled nearly an all nighter the day before my birthday so by the time I got home, I was in a daze haha. But I did have some fun and it was definitely a nice day.

    Jean: Thanks, Jean, for the lovely comments and the bday wishes! I hope I passed too haha.