Monday, July 26, 2010

There's a Body in the Bushes

I went out to bowling and lunch with friends the other day. We took a walk by the piers first and it was a drizzling, but pleasant day. As we passed by some benches where there were shrubbery set directly behind and above the seating, there were birds chirping incessantly and we're like, "Aw, birdies on crack." We turned around and the first thing I saw was a pair of grimy sneakers attached to a pair of legs in cutoff shorts attached to ...

There was a man sleeping in the bushes right behind the benches.

His body was horizontal, reclining on the dirt, half covered by the green underbrush. I presumed he was probably sleeping on the bench and then decided to crawl into the bushes for cover from the rain.

We spun right back around and walked away as quickly as possible.

Two feet away, we paused and threw each other hesitant looks. "Wait ... is he okay?"

"What if he's dead?"

Oh, snap, Hippocratic Oath.

Yeah, we remembered. Suddenly, we were a hovering group of dumb medical students, wondering if the homeless person was injured and if we needed to call the ambulance. And how offended would he be if we grabbed a stick and stuck it under the leaves, maybe give him a little poke, poke to check if he's breathing? Or wait, what if he wasn't a homeless person? What if he was some guy who just wanted to connect with nature and meditate in the bushes? Oh, dear.

We stood there, clutching our umbrellas, and studied the guy. Just as we started to take a step back to him, a park employee rumbled by with his garbage bin and paused next to the man.

Okay, bush man appeared to be fine. Fine enough that he shifted over and continued sleeping there at least. Off we went.

Writing Status: 3 pages into TM Chapter 29.


  1. Hey Maeven! Just recently became a reader of yours over at! I just left u long post/review (my apologies, hehe) but I just wanted to drop by and offer some encouragement! I squealed when I saw that your 3 pages into ch 29 of TM! Yayyyyy! I really appreciate the length of your chapters, the longer the better! Lol! But I'm just ecstatic that you're still working on ch 29! I'll definitely be checking up on any updates! Awesome!!! I'm looking forward to it!!!

  2. Ok I know I just left a comment but I reread it and realized how much I sounded like a teeny bopper teen even though I'm in my 20's, lol. Sorry I think I just got really excited there and got all giggly. But anyways, let me know if you need any encouragement or someone to help motivate you! I look forward to the update!

  3. Trinity1418: Hi! I got your awesome review and PM - I love long reviews! Yours was absolutely epic and extremely, extremely encouraging. I love it when readers point out specific parts and details they enjoy, highlighting the sections that work. Don't worry, I'll definitely continue to work on finishing TM. Thank you so much for the time and consideration you spent in typing up your comments and it's readers like you who remind me of what a great community fictionpress can be. Yay!

  4. MAEVEN!!! Thank you so much for the compliments on my review! I'm glad you actually read it all, haha!

    Oh and I haven't stopped thinking about your fics yet and even got one of my friends hooked! I can't even tell you how many times I've reread my fav parts from TM! I may have to go back sometime and post another review since there more parts from TM that I LOVED that I didn't mention, haha!

    I'm really into music too so there are a few songs that I've associated with TM that I feel has the essence of the journey of Tristan and Adel, hehe. Leona Lewis's "My Hands" is perfect for Adel but really works either way from both pts of view. Shinee's "Obsession" is the song I picked to be Tristan's theme song, haha. There are other songs I picked as well but those two are the major ones, hehe.

    I was also trying to find people to "cast" for the roles but its really hard!!! I've found a Vince, Victoria, and Adel but haven't been able to find a Sammy or Tristan yet, haha! I'm really picky! If you're curious, I liked Drew Roy for Vince (he looks better live action compared to pics, hehe), Leighton Meester for Victoria, and Son Dam Bi for Adel (yea she's Korean but her body type is exactly what I had pictured for Adel, haha). Those people are actually in their 20's but I like their look and most actors who play highschoolers are never highschool age anyway, haha.

    Thank you again for your kind words and I'm SO HAPPY you'll continue working on finishing TM! I've never felt this way about a fictional couple before that wasn't from a drama or movie series, hehe. Can't wait!!!

  5. LOL! Thanks, I'm really glad you like TM! I'm definitely checking out those songs and googling those people. :)