Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Offensive Touching

Fav cousin - a recent law school graduate - was sprawled on the couch, exhausted from taking different bar exams three days in a row. A paper wristband - a lot like the kind they sometimes slip on you when you go clubbing - was still looped around her wrist, announcing that she was a proud bar exam survivor.

I sat on the edge of the sofa next to her, watching our older cousin's babies wreak havoc.

So engrossed was I by the utter chaos two little beings could sustain, I jumped when she poked me in the side. I turned and the expression on her face was of this tired dismay. "Sorry!" she blurted out. "Offensive touching!"

Haha, someone's been studying too much.

Speaking of babies, the older cousin recently announced that a third one is on his/her way. When she asked her eldest, her four year old son, if she wanted another baby sister or a baby brother, he said, "Why are you having so many? One is enough."

Ah, kids.

Recently watched Inception. Went into lab to help out with sensors drawings for my old mentor. Hung out with people, ate a whole lot. A friend's friend made the trek in from another state, but still missed dinner, catching us just as we were about to say good-bye so some of us accompanied him for late dinner part two because he bribed us with two bottles of yogurt soju and popsicles. We are easy folks.

Celebrated a friend's birthday. Caught up with some old news and envied some friends for the trips they have planned (Hawaii! Prague! Argh!) Studied only a little even though the first day of school - and hence, my exam - is coming up next week. How does summer pass by so fast? How?

Tomorrow, there's a bbq at a friend's place which is at the ends of the world so I'm aiming to squeeze in more studying on the long train ride (Which means I will probably end up passing out and taking a long nap instead).

So ... summer's been fun. Too bad it feels so short. I managed to read quite a bit - and by that, I mean I just wandered into the library and grabbed a bunch of random books off the shelves, ranging from Dan Brown's Deception Point to Jennifer Cruise's Getting Rid Of Bradley to Sarah Rees Brennan's The Demon's Lexicon to Meg Cabot's Insatiable. And various others. Totally arbitrary haha. Loved some, liked some, deemed some forgettable. All in all, I enjoyed just being able to read for leisure without some immediate exam or deadline breathing down my neck, yay.

Writing Status: 8 pages into TM Chapter 29.


  1. Your summer sounded great! I don't even know how you fit in writing time for TM! But awesome news that you're 8 pages into ch 29! That makes me extremelyyyyyy happy!!! I really appreciate the hard work! I'll be here cheering you on! Good luck with your exams!!!!

  2. I just stumbled through your blog and absolutely love your posts! I think you're very witty and entertaining, please continue writing (both your stories and your blog!)

    I'm applying for med school this upcoming year and, just out of curiosity, what year are you? What kind of physician do you want to be?

    Hope all is going well and blleeeehhh, school's starting next week for me too :(

    - Ivy

  3. Thanks for the encouraging comments, Trinity1418 and Ivy!

    I'm in a combined undergrad-MD program so our schedule's always been out of whack. The coursework I'm going to be doing this year should be the equivalent of a second year. Then, it'd be Step One madness and finally, two years of rotations.

    I'm currently still interested in becoming a pediatrician, but I'm waiting to see how rotations go. A lot of health professionals have told me things change once you face screaming kids all day long no matter how much you usually adore children haha.