Friday, August 20, 2010


I thought I'd be able to get through this summer without a single mosquito bite. Failed. My neck has a lump that's fast entering goiter size and my left foot is swollen from a bite so badly, it hurts. Today, the bite mark turned black like a bruise. Not good. I'm so allergic to bug bites, I should roll around in a bubble outside.

On Wednesday, my friend had her barbeque (where I picked up the bites); we burnt a lot of food to a crisp because we didn't want to pick up salmonella and then of course, we assessed the crispiness because we didn't want carcinogenic properties. Basically, we ate a whole lot, hung out with her golden retriever, and played Taboo. Except when you have a bunch of really competitive med students together, the clues we start giving get ... interesting. 

"This is what you give albuterol for!"


"What are we studying to be? But not primary care! Okay, what does this specialized person use?"


"This is where we purchase attires ... oh forget it, blank junction!"


Yes, by interesting, I did mean way nerdy.

Of course, I'm a tad more eloquent and cool so I threw out a few gems of my own:

"Yo, this has a red ass."


Went out to lunch yesterday with a friend (she's also doing med - entering this year) and then we checked out Bed Bath & Beyond so that she can pick up some supplies for her dorm. It was nice to catch up since we hadn't sat down face to face in over a year now; especially lovely to do so while perusing cedar balls (only wish this were an interesting euphemism) and cushions. She got this giant under-bed storage box that's about her size which the saleslady wrapped up with two pieces of saran wrap before handing it back to friend; so she lugged it onto the train back to her place like a bulky surfboard ... or mini coffin. 

Folks were also passing out free samples of Science Diet dog treats on the streets so I swooped in to grab two bags for my friend's golden retriever. Now they just need to pass out free treats for humans, like chocolates and ice cream bars. Yes, please.

Studying for my exam next week has not been going well. Barely made a dent in neurology and I still have behavioral sci to review. I barely remember behavioral sci, but I have convinced myself I could go at it in one day since it should mostly be psych and child development stages. Yeah, this will probably come back to kick me in the butt in the upcoming weekend. Who else hates that summer is coming to an end?


  1. I hear ya about the mosquito bites! I did really well last year and only got one or two or none at all and I was doing good this year too until last weekend! I had to help my parents pick peppers in my grandparents' big garden and I ended up getting bit 8 times!!! One being in a completely inconvenient spot, right on the outer part of my right eye! We were only out there for 30-45 minutes too! I swear mosquitoes loveeeeeee me, I think I have sweet blood, ugh!

    And then two days later, I ended getting bit 3 more times! I got bit on the face AGAIN! This time, one was right in the middle of my forehead between my eyes! Ugh! Luckilyyyyy, all of my bites didn't turn out huge or spread. But still, my right arm looked like I got hit by the plague or something gross! I hateeeeee mosquitoes!!!!

    I love the game "Taboo!" I loved the clues you were giving, so funny! It would be funny to sit in for that (sit in, not play cuz I'd have no idea wut the heck u were all talking about, haha). The clues we give usually have to do with quotes or descriptions from movies, haha!

    I too am sad about summer ending but I don't mind the cooler weather coming up! I hate winter though! I need to live somewhere where its spring and fall all the time, haha! Good luck on your exams again!

  2. Mosquitoes are the bane of my existence. I definitely prefer warmer weather over cold. Too bad my school enjoys blasting the AC when it's hot outside so it ends up feeling more frigid in summer classes than during winter. Odd folks.

  3. Mosquitoes must be one of the most annoying things on this planet. Oh, how I envy those who doesn´t even notice the bites are there...
    Haha, your med friends sound awesome!