Sunday, June 3, 2012


One of my cousins and I like to bicker a lot. Most of our interactions consist of mocking each other for fun though unfortunately, I think he has a lot more embarrassing stories to make fun of me with.

I don't remember exactly what we were texting about - maybe discussing which laptop I should buy to replace my old one or the crazy price increases in external hard drives after some Thailand floods hit manufacturers hard - but at one point, I must have text/ranted.

His response: "tltr"

At first, I was like did he sit on his phone and texted me by accident?

Then, pathetically, I went to google what tltr stood for just in case it was one of those newfangled text speech.

It was. Urban Dictionary revealed tltr = "too long to read".

Stupid cousin.

My response: "sorry you're illiterate."

And that's how part of Adel's text conversation with her brother, Adam, came about.

Other sparkling texts I've exchanged with cousin:
Him: can i come over bored
Me: you can come hang with bro. cramming until dinner tonight.
Him: u should just wing it
Me: I wing you!
Him: Wing isn't a verb
Me: You just used it as a verb. Ohhh winged.
Random Food Photo to bring flavor to this post:

One good thing about cousin though is he can be a really handy garbage disposal. We were at a Japanese food buffet and I, overestimating my gut, ordered one too many rolls. And the thing is the rolls look better in picture than in reality. They had mixed in some fried tempura batter in with the fish in the center, but something about the oil was really heavy and tasted horrible. I couldn't stomach it and was literally breaking out into a sweat, getting a tad nauseous. I felt especially bad because cousin was treating and I expected to just pay the extra fee myself for not finishing the rolls.

However, cousin finished his plates and simply reached out for mine after I ate all the raw fish lying on top of the rolls like sashimi. Even though the remaining rolls were really bad, he still claimed he could finish it all, saying it was no problem at all. And he did. By breaking it down, grain by grain, separating the mass of pink fried concoction in the center, and forcing all of it down. It was simultaneously hilarious and touching because I thought it was so cool of him to just shovel it down for me, taste buds of steel.

So yeah, I suppose he's one of my favorite cousins.

Even though he's still an illiterate fool who should really stop making fun of me.


  1. Oh my, those look so good...

    To answer the previous comment, skype is good for text chatting too. :3 and tumblr is a addictive blogging place often for people who don't have too much time (Or HAVE too much time haha. If you get them, let me know. I would be all over that.

    By the way, i was re-watching some fan-videos of a pairing I'm very fond of (in a series I am very fond of) and I realized they remind me of tristan and Adeline's dynamic a little, and I love that dynamic. Speifically, I'm talking about these two compilations: and

    (If you have the time to watch because I'd really like you to see them anyways)

    And this is a better done video of the general series (it's made by a good friend of mine --she coloured all the manga panels from the series herself) and this is the only way I tolerate this Katy Perry song:

    :x I really really like these kinds of dynamic. (And rarely see them done well)

    Also, for the drawing -how tan is tristan's tan?

  2. I don't know why but food always seem look better in the pictures. I guess it's just the way things are. Haha. Your cousin reminded me of my brother. I order food that I don't actually get to finish (gluttony is my crime sometimes). But he's always there to save the day. :) That makes him my favorite brother too.

    Oh and it's good to hear from you again, Maeven. It's been a while.

    1. When boys save the day with their bottomless stomachs, I'm reminded of one of the ways they can be more useful.

      It really has been a while; I want to update a new post soon! As soon as I get the hang of being on the psych ward. Already kinda busy and we have to take a crash course in defense in case we need to fend off a violent patient. Such excitement.

  3. Have you seen the comments here yet? =(

    1. Haha, sorry, Sanju, I've been starting at the psych ward so it's been a bit hectic.

      Regarding Tristan's tan, I guess I'd say he's tanned, but not crispy. Just a moderate healthy glow you get from hanging out outside, nowhere near the intentional tanning booth addicts style. Not really sure how else to specify this. Um, here: The Ralph Lauren dude's tan is about right. Anyway, can't wait to see your drawings. I'm sure your judgment of the colors will be great.

    2. Oh, and btw, since I referred to an old Character Pics post, don't think that I've forgotten that you had sent me some Character Pics before as well! I still have your comment with Bradley James hanging around in my inbox. I will post them up on this blog soon, very soon. I never archived your email and kept it in my inbox to remind me, but since my other emails had been shoving it down the page, I kept letting it slip my mind until I went through everything. When I have time, I'm definitely getting around to posting them. My apologies to you and also, Trinity1418, for the same exact thing!