Thursday, May 31, 2012

Through Me Chapter 30

Through Me Chapter Thirty has finally been posted! The end, at last.

I'm so sorry about the ridiculously glacial speed I've been updating this story with, but thank you all so, so much for continuing to support me and the story.

Been sitting on this chapter for a while now. My cousin had started to despair of ever seeing it posted up. I'm still not sure why I took so long to put this up, but I do have 63 pages of TM outtakes at the end of this all so maybe it was because I still wanted to continue revamping it or maybe subconsciously, I just didn't want this to end haha. 

Or maybe! I'm just really scared of more plagiarists popping up now that TM is fully completed. Plagiarism has totally left a bad taste in my mouth. I will destroy you if you steal my stories, including those of you who have stolen the basic outline, edited scenes and lines to try to paraphrase your way out of outright verbatim. You know who you are. I'm glad you've decided to edit your story so it reads less like False Facades now, but I was really furious in the beginning. Decided not to call you out on it because it looks like some readers have picked up similarities since they took the time to alert me and you seemed to be aware that you needed to back up that road fast and fix up your story so the plot is more of your own. Hope you continue to work at it. To others who are contemplating doing the same, you won't be so lucky.

Anyway, as to the tltr part (tltr is short for "too long to read") which you'll get to at the end of this last chapter, I'll probably blog the background story that served as inspiration for the exchange tomorrow or so. It's not much of a story, actually, but based on some of your responses to my previous blog posts, I think some of you guys are surprisingly interested in reading how dorky I am.

It's been a while since I updated this blog as well so I wanted to say: I'm alive! Happy Very Belated New Year 2012! And hope you all recently had a great Memorial Day weekend for those of you in the U.S.

Everything's been going well. Got Step 1 (one of the first medical licensing exams) over with a while back and that went well too. Will blog more about phlebotomy training and clerkships.

This is a bad habit of mine, but I think I've been avoiding the blog until I finally finished TM 30 so I could update with happy news at last, but now that it's done and over with, I should be able to blog more with no guilty conscious lurking over me! Granted, they'd probably be more random ramblings, but at least, you guys won't be left wondering if I'd collapsed into a black hole or something.

So thanks for following Through Me and I hope you all have enjoyed this supremely lengthy time with Tristan, Adel, and the rest of the gang.

You're the best!

P.S. To the random people who have been sending me repeated requests to purchase the rights to False Facades for $199, my answer is no. Thanks for the offers, but no.

To all others who have sent me reviews and PMs that I haven't gotten back to yet, I'm sorry! I'll try to go through them as soon as possible.


  1. whawhawhawhawhawhawhawha do I have timing or what.

    I was just popping into your blog to tell you I do plan to draw that TristanAdeline picture. This half year has been HECTIC excuse me while I go enjoy chapter 30. I really do want to draw them. ._, I really do.

    (Also maeven, do you have skype or tumblr or both) sultania is my art tumblr if you ever wanted to know. let me know!

    1. Wow, excellent timing! Haha, I would LOVE to see your TristanAdeline picture whenever you finish it. Take your time. I'm familiar with hectic years. :)

      I don't have skype or tumblr, actually. Skype is for video-chatting, right? And my impression of tumblr is that it's another blogging format where people can post a lot of pictures or repost other people's stuff as well, right? I'm actually not entirely familiar with all the detailed aspects of Skype and tumblr, but they do seem cool so maybe I'll look into them later on. Otherwise, for now, I only have blogspot to deal with.

    2. I will be able to finish it after i get the colours right. x3

      And Hmm, I think I answered that but I can't remember *really short memory* But yes, though I mainly use skype for text chatting. And yep, tumblr is also easy to update/be active on. If you get them please do let me know.

      Also I hope my PH ranting on my other comment wasn't weird lol ;;; I hope you reply to me soon.

  2. ...Also, I love her her dad's name is Edward.

  3. A huge, HUGE congrats Maeven! I know you've been working on that story for a long time. Must have felt great to change it to that complete status! ;p
    Do you have any more stories and writing planned?

    1. Thank you! I actually don't have anything planned right now for fictionpress. I had been playing around with an idea for Will a while back, but I realized that I'm not too keen on posting up anything new on fictionpress at the moment. While I still like fictionpress' user-friendly format, it still provides little to no protection against plagiarists. I've received private messages from readers suggesting that I make the switch over to wattpad, livejournal, etc. I'll just have to see later.

      However, this doesn't mean that I don't appreciate the loyal, honest readers on fictionpress. With their consistent support and reviews, I can honestly say that they played a big part in prodding me to the finish line. Without them, I might not have had the stamina to keep at a story for years, squeezing in time until I finished it once and for all. Thanks to all of you.

  4. Hey Maeven, so I loved Through Me, so I'm wondering would you be okay if I made some fan book covers for Through Me and False Facades? You can email me at and we can discuss the details (what you want it to look like etc.). Add me as a friend on facebook yeah? Its the same email.
    Back onto Through Me: is I less than three an inside joke or something? As I was reading the story I didn't get it. So do you have any plans in the future for the gang? I think that with them being in college it would really provide an interesting atmosphere for Caine's or Will's story.
    Have you read Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare? If you have imagine the havoc Will Carter and Magnus Bane would come up with if they every met, if you haven't you should :)

    1. Would love it if you do! As for details, I'm really not sure. I know I usually adore dreamy, kinda nostalgic types of photos, but I'd leave it up to you. For False Facades, I've always pictured Sammy's red hair somehow being in the picture, but otherwise, it can be as abstract or detailed as you want. I trust your vision. Haha, seriously, I would just adore any form of fan artwork. Please link me when you complete them or email them to me at

      I don't have a facebook page for Maeven and as for my real facebook profile, I'm still kinda keeping my real identity separate from my fictionpress writing self for now. Plus, I rarely go on facebook these days actually so my profile's just collecting dust.

      As for "I less than three", it stands for "I < 3" or "I <3 you". :)

      No plans for posting stories for the rest of them up on fictionpress at the moment. I'll see how I feel later on.

      I haven't read anything from Cassandra Clare before. Perhaps I'll check her out soon.

      Thanks for the comment!

  5. YaY!!~ you finished it!! lol good stuff :) i'm yet to finish most of the stories I started T_T BUT now that you're done with TM, can you pretty please finish your unfinished business? :P it's at a terrible cliffhanger and i'd like to know how it all works out! pleeeeease???

    1. Thanks! No plans for posting up anything else on FP at the moment, especially with me currently going through clerkships, but I'll think about it later on? Thanks for the comment!

  6. I found False Facades a week ago and just finished Through Me tonight. I think I was pretty addicted to it, since I brought my phone into the sauna to read it :3
    Thanks for the great story. I'll have to read your other stories as well ;)