Wednesday, September 14, 2016

... Residency

So the last time I updated this blog was when I matched into my residency program.

Annnnd now, I'm in my final year of residency.

So, as per norm for my usual updating speed. 

Haha. Sorry. Residency is indeed a time suck. It's hard to believe I'm the senior on the floors, let alone I'll soon be graduating and going off into the real world as a "real" pediatrician (who still needs to pass the boards - I've signed up for a lifetime of exams apparently). Where exactly has the time gone?

It's been long hours and a lot of work, but there have been some great times in the past 2 years: I've managed to squeeze in two cruise vacations to Bahamas and Bermuda, went to Disney World and Wizarding World of Harry Potter!, hung out with friends, family and the boyfriend, was the maid of honor for my cousin (said cousin had a baby who just turned 1!), tried Paint Nite, escaped two Escape the Room games, explored the city, studied some, worked a ton, but overall, not a whole lot of change. Still the same dorky self (my newest app is Pokemon Go - Team Mystic!).

What I haven't been able to do unfortunately is any real writing. :( Can't quite get past that rut beyond a few pages of a new story before scrapping it and restarting. Argh. 

But anyway, I hope any readers who still checks in on this blog are doing great! I haven't checked fictionpress in forever, but I hope there have been nice updates to the site and excellent stories published. 

Past two years' travel highlights:

Crystal Caves, Bermuda

Unfinished Church, St. George, Bermuda


  1. just happened upon your blog after forgetting about FP for a few years. thought you should know someone saw this post and is happy you're doing well :)

  2. so happy to see you update your blog! I read false facades five years ago and I've been checking in on blogspot ever since to keep up. congrats on almost finishing your residency--that is no small feat. hope to see you post fiction soon ❤️❤️

  3. so happy to get an update from you!! i've been a fan since i read false facades xxx years ago. i was rereading it a couple of nights ago and it still makes me smile like an idiot. <3 i'm happy to hear you're on your last year of residency--that's an incredible accomplishment. i hope all is well and i hope we get to see more of your stories soon!

  4. Wow, so glad you updated. I first read your story when I was in college, and now, I'm on my third year of med school. I also checked how you were doing with med school... and then found out you're almost a pediatrician. Wow, congrats, Maeven!

  5. Love ❤️ your works Maeven. Read your works years ago and still keep coming back for a re-read when I need a pick me up. Hope you passed your board exams alright! Do you think you will start writing again?

  6. Do you still check your fictionpress account? I have pmed you there. I wanted to ask something.

  7. You're my favourite author on FictionPress and I'd love to read something new from you. I hope you're still writing, Maeven :) and I hope you update this blog soon! :} Love, Rosenblade