Friday, July 11, 2008

Bro's Birthday

Today's my brother's birthday. We're both summer babies and we're really much the same. We don't particularly care what we do for our birthdays. Perhaps it runs in the family or something. Perhaps we're just mush people.

He's even more apathetic though. Every year, whenever we ask him what he wants to do for the day, he shrugs and then requests the same thing: pizza.

So we got him his pizza - with mushrooms, oh snap - in the afternoon. He went to work and after he came home, we went out for a small family dinner at a local Chinese restaurant.

Fried Fish with Tofu in Clay Pot

Somehow, our birthdays end up more like days of gorging. I suppose, as we get older, we lose all those birthday parties where we thrash the heck out of a pinata, devour slices of ice cream cake, toss around water balloons, hold bicycle races around the block. As they die down, our feelings regarding birthdays start to calm down.

That, or we start holding parties with sake bombs, Irish carbombs, blowjob shots, and way too much alcohol instead.

Haha, we may actually be better off giving into our mother instead, who always suggests that our birthdays were really her days of pain so why shouldn't we be honoring her and showering her with presents instead?

She has a point.

Maybe next year, we'll get her a pizza too.

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