Sunday, July 6, 2008

SKoW Nominations

I hope everyone's Fourth of July went well! :)

Unfinished Business Chapter 8 has been completed. After I review it once more, I will post it sometime soon when I get home from work and actually get a chance to sit down. I'm working on the next chapter to Through Me, specifically there's an idea that's caught my attention regarding it, so hopefully, I'll get that out soon.

Random tidbit: I work in a lab evaluating the neurotransmitters of Sprague Dawley rats. We fabricate these sensors that can be implanted so that a new rat doesn't have to be executed for each study and the cute thing gets to eateateat until it's nearly doubled its weight. The research findings are applied to theories regarding Parkinson's Disease and epilepsy treatments, etc. and we've recently gotten a paper published with my name listed after my mentor, the primary investigator, so that's been exciting.

And I'm exhausted. Nothing new.

On another awesome note, I've been notified by the judges, Cassie and Kyra, that I've been nominated in the Some Kind of Wonderful Awards Round Six under the category of Amazing Wordsmith and that Unfinished Business has been nominated for the story category of Most Humorous (Incomplete).

If you have any free time, please take the chance to check out the site and all the nominees to cast your vote. SKoW has been around for a long time and they've always generated an excellent reading list and nice awards, not to mention that I'm in love with this Round's Theme. Fairytales. Whoa.

I'm a Disney kid at heart and I absolutely adore the graphics that's around on the site right now. Annie Leibovitz's dreamy editorials have always made my heart flutter.

To my knowledge, SKoW hasn't started its voting process yet so please keep an eye out for when it starts. Until then, happy reading and judging!

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