Friday, July 18, 2008

Through Me Updated and More SKoW

Chapter 18 has finally been posted to Through Me. I've actually been working on this chapter for quite some time. I know, I've always been horrendously late with updates, but usually it's because I couldn't get the time to sit around to type. If I actually get to work on a chapter, it usually takes two days, sometimes less, a few hours.

For those who were with me at the beginning of False Facades, I used to churn out those chapters daily. I don't know how I did that, but I did remember that I had more free time back then. I miss those days.

Anyway, about this latest chapter, I've finally realized that this has been what I've been working up to all along for Adel and Tristan. Through Me has in a way been something for me to practice my writing with and has been an experiment of sorts. False Facades was written in chapters that just rolled off the page in a rush of dialogue and action, hitting certain plot points in my head one after the other. Through Me takes things much more slowly - excruciatingly so sometimes - but I wanted to see how a story might form if I let things relax and just go. At times, it got away from me and it was a hit or miss with readers.

Some preferred the fast pace of False Facades. Others liked seeing the relationship develop in Through Me, even though my cousin still keeps saying I should just have Adel and Tristan kill each other and put each other out of their misery (and that's with Tristan as her favorite character).

Anyway, I think I've learned more about what works and what doesn't. In a way, I've become much more critical about what I write and what I post. Mmm, good learning experience.

Another note, look it! I'm such a dork, but I really like the newest layout (Thumbelina inspired by Nic S) on SKoW and so, I was browsing the site to check out the graphics and I found the little button thing that's like "I'm nominated!" so I just wanted to ... post it up here. Haha, be still, my heart. It's so cute! Look, it's Scarlett Johansson as Cinderella and she's running down the steps and it says Once Upon a Time, I was NOMINATED! Oh, I expire from the cuteness.

Did I mention my soft spot for fairytales and dreamlike, fantastical scenes? I can't explain it. It's not even so much the Disney aspects (oh, yes it is, who am I kidding? Finding Nemo and Little Mermaid are my all time favorites), but I actually spend time searching for pictures that are based on nature and earthy qualities, soft and dreamy with almost this surreal, ethereal glow. My desktop background must appeal to me - even just blades of grass in soft focus make me swoon. The SKoW layout and all these graphics are so whoa right now ... I'm so giddy, forget the results. This nomination badge thingie is already my prize.

Watch. Even if I hadn't been nominated, I would still have been the loser who posted this thing up anyway haha.

You see how I can write Will's character now, don't you?

Oh, and before I forget, I just wanted to thank emotionless-stares and whoever else for nominating me. I don't know who nominates me unless you say, but I sure appreciate it.

With that note, I just wanted to let you know I'm still working on revisions for False Facades. They're taking a bit longer than expected, but I may post up a sneak peek of some snippets as I'm going along.

Also, I'm writing up the next chapter for Unfinished Business and I'll begin working on Through Me as well.


  1. lol write faster XD
    waits too long :3

  2. I love the way that Through Me is developing. To be honest, while I thoroughly enjoyed False Facades (stayed up during the night for about eight hours to read the whole thing cause I couldn't stop), I actually prefer the sequel. While some may say that the storyline is progressing slowly, I think it's moving along at a good pace. Everything connects, and you can't expect Tristan and Adel to immediately stop bickering with each other and start falling in love.

    Their interactions are wonderful. Keep up the good work. I look forward to the next chapter. I absolutely adore Tristan and Adel.