Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Through Me Chapter 21

Whew, Through Me Chapter 21 has finally been updated and I kinda made the deadline? Okay, technically, I said tomorrow in the Sunday update which should mean Monday, but since I count days by my sleep cycles and I'm still up, it's still Monday to me ... and people on the West Coast?

Sorry for the long wait! Please understand though that if I promise a day, unless I post another note on the blog stating otherwise, I will try to update on that day even if I have to work into the next morning - which means, your best bet is to check early next morning and not every other hour that same day because I know that just builds, simmers, boils up frustration and I get scared from the griping that results. I'm a timid creature.

Unfortunately, since I have so little free time, I generally cram a writing marathon in on one day and then I burn myself out. Please don't get frustrated if you don't immediately see an update on the day I promise. I am working on it. It will be out by dawn.

This past weekend has been largely spent on this chapter, except I scrapped most of the original halfway to rework it again. I'm absolutely worn out. But! Now I have ... epidemiology readings and worksheets to look forward to. Joy.

One note: I think Fictionpress' alert system is down again since I haven't received notices of some reviews so I think the Chapter Alert is most likely messed up too. I'm also not too sure about the effects on Private Messages so if anyone needs to contact me, please understand if you don't hear from me. I probably didn't get it.

Now I ... need to sleep.

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