Sunday, September 28, 2008

Updates? Update & Phlegm Puker

Sorry, readers! I've scrapped most of what I had and had to rework the next chapter for Through Me because the original scene didn't jive with me. I can't get it out by tonight, but I'm aiming for tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

My Biochem exam kicked my ass. I was in catatonic shock afterward. It's not that I failed it, but it's something that I wished I could have done better on. Ever had moments when you go over the exam and change your answers - and the original answers always end up being the right ones? I ALWAYS do that and I despise myself for it. It gives me hurtburn.

The other day on the train, as I tried to review my notes and get a quick nap in, I was jolted from my blissful reverie of having found a seat during the busy morning hour by the passenger next to me. I was utterly revolted. The man sitting next to me had finished his breakfast of bread and coffee before proceeding to cough and hack the rest of the trip. He'd coughcoughcough and make this sound like he's going to throw up (everybody in the train car had turned around, alarmed, probably thinking "Oh shit. Please, please, please don't let some puker delay the train.") and then he'd cough up a wad of phlegm into his empty cup. It wasn't just once. He did it maybe four times throughout the ride, continuously hacking as if he's about to spew his food and then he'd just reach down, uncap his coffee cup and spit into it, continuously filling it with his phlegm.

Ugh. The worst thing about this is that he didn't even take his cup with him when he left the train. No. He left it underneath his seat, all germified. Despicable.

My skin crawled the rest of the day.

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