Monday, February 2, 2009

Through Me Chapter 26

Through Me Chapter 26 has been posted. It's 22 pages and nearly took the life out of me.

I haven't started my readings for Anatomy yet and I'm back to panic mode now and my friend's probably going to reinforce my panic mode with a message "YOU FAIL!" very soon.

Today, a TA went around the table asking each kid what the differences between small and large intestines were. Since we didn't have our lecture on the intestines yet nor did we get up to the readings for that section yet, we all fumbled. The first five kids guessed and threw out random answers for him to correct and by the time he reached me, I had no clue what other differences there were and I couldn't very well repeat the same answers ("Uh, large intestines are larger than small intestines.") so what I finally decided on was: "I don't know."

So eloquent.

TA (he always picks on me!) narrowed his eyes at me. "What textbook do you study from?"

Ouch. Everyone at the table was like "OHHHH!" and I could kill them.

I muttered, "Essential Clinical - ah, what the heck, I didn't read the sections for intestines yet."

But TA was still having fun and didn't wait for my answer, continuing, "Because whatever book you used, I want to buy. I've never seen an "I don't know" answer before!"

Again with the "OHHHH!" Seriously, all these kids are going down.

So TA asked me, "So your book says "I don't know"?"

"Yeah." I nodded. When I have no clue what to do, the best bet is to go along with things and try to wing it. "Exactly. It lists "I don't know."

"Then which part of the intestines is "I don't know" then?"

I cleared my throat. "The small intestines."

"The small intestines?"

"That's correct. The small intestines."

"Ah, okay." He smiled and moved on to the next target. "What's another difference?"

The girl next to me grimaced, staring down at the cadaver. "Uh, I read the same book she does."

Everyone cracked up and he went onto the next four people, circling back around the group and everyone continued to stammer, unable to come up with an answer. Who's laughing now, laughers?

We are so sad.

And I really need to go read the book now before TA finds me again and I come up with another genius answer.

"No comment."


  1. oh man seriously your entry made my day. i don't think i can ever say anything witty to my TA lol.

    *off to read ch 26*

  2. You're hilarious, just like your writing. Although I'm a little nervous about our future medical doctors now...

    Do you ever base anything in your stories after your own life? You might have mentioned it before. I would so love to read your autobiography one of these days.

  3. LOL, something like that happened to me, except that it was in a subject called Introduction to Laws. Imagine the purple face of my old, fat, Lawyer teacher when he asked me the principles of Roman law and I said N.P.I. (Not in Possession of Information). But worse, I KNEW THE ANSWER!!! I was just terrified of the old geezer! And well, my mouth and my brain are old enemies.

  4. Lol I know I reviewed your chapter already, but then I was rereading it again and I just caught something so I had to to come over here and share it with you! Adel said she loved him!!! I quote, "God she loved him for his dependability." Something like that. But yay. Okay, stupid me but I was just super happy to read that. And whether or not she really does love him, I'll wait to read it. Hope all is well with you.

  5. Haha, thanks for all the comments, everyone! I like N.P.I.!

    I don't really base stories after my own life (I only wish I could meet some of my characters!), but there are always details and dialogue moments that have been plucked out of or were inspired by reality. It's the case with all writings. You write what you know. Mostly.

    But I think my autobiography would be pretty sad:

    She tried to become a doctor. She tried to keep on writing. She failed both accounts and now she's homeless.

    MY WORST NIGHTMARE! Knock on wood! Think happy thoughts for me!

    By the way, I really enjoyed your reviews here and on Fictionpress, guys! I totally remember you all as the ones who never fail to leave long, super ego boosting reviews for me. My favs!