Saturday, February 21, 2009

Through Me Artwork

Cousin's friend forwarded over some quick sketches for Adel. He's amazingly talented and I think he's a pretty cool guy for indulging us so.

I believe cousin kept insisting for more Caucasian features so poor guy went through several drafts, playing around with things. He's awesome. My cousin, a slavedriver. :)

I have an exam next Friday on Abdomen and Perineum. And I have to submit a Personal Statement Monday. Writing's definitely going on the back burner these days.

Friends say that I declare "I'm going to fail!" too many times. Apparently, I've said it so many times that the other day while I was making small talk with a classmate of mine whom I've spoken to only three times or so before as we washed our dissection tools, he asked "Are you prepared for the exam?"

My answer was a rapid fire, "No! I'm gonna fail."

And he chuckled and was like, "That was fast."

"Yeah, you don't even need to ask."

He grinned. "Yeah, I remember you saying the same exact thing last year right before our miniboard."


"Yeah, we were standing outside in the hall and I asked you about the exam and you were like ... I'm gonna fail!"

Ah. So that's my catchphrase people will know me by. Epitaph: I'M GONNA FAIL. RIP.

So I'll try to refrain but ... you know.

On another even sadder note, I managed to rack up the most horrifying credit card bill to date. I want to die from guilt. Fortunately, the money I got back for research fellowship work could still cover it.

It was a momentary insanity thing. Classmates were all planning for Spring Break vacations and they asked me to come along and somehow, it went from "I'll see" to "I got hooked into going to Cancun. Forgive me, wallet." It happened so fast, I'm still reeling.

For some reason, my class really wants to have fun this spring break. Nearly all of our class are going somewhere. Are these people aware of the bad economy??

Eight girls and 1 guy are going together to Jamaica. Professor doesn't know guy is gay so he's like "That should be illegal." (Scary tidbit: Jamaica's really anti-gay so everybody in our class are all hush-hush wary for the guy. A girl said Jamaica actually has store signs saying NO GAYS and all in all, we're all thinking "Does he not know about the situation there?" Someone's probably going to try to enlighten him soon, but he's a really confident guy and a few girls in their group have discussed that maybe no one would know he's gay and they could just ... pretend. That, or they're going to get stabbed in the back.)

Another bunch is going to Atlantic City. A few girls are thinking about Ireland.

For our Cancun group, it's going to be around five girls, ten guys for about four days and ... yeah, I didn't even know we had so many guys in our class. Usually, girls outnumber guys in our classes, but the numbers just kept racking up. Eh, having a large group can be hard sometimes for vacations. Someone's bound to rub me the wrong way at times and there's no real escape.

I'm just hoping the place would be nice and tropical and I won't get sunburnt. That, and I'm looking forward to good food and drinks. Drunken revelers better get out of my way to the restaurants because even though I'm only about 100 pounds, I can eat my weight's worth and I will trample you for it. Just watch.

Professor was like: "HELEN, you going to Mexico too?"


"HELEN, you going to drink from 10am to 1am?"

Friend laughed. "Those are the times when they're serving drinks. Helen can't drink. She's gone after a bit."

Professor nodded sagely, holding up his fingers an inch apart. "One drink?"

"Unfortunately," I sighed. "Yes."

Back to studying!


  1. Spending is good for the economy at least, haha.

    And for the record, I'm guessing your 'I'm gonna fail!' is rather hyperbolic too of reality. Nicely done.

  2. I like the part about your catch phrase. My classmates also liked to make some catchphrases, unfortunately, i was one of their target. I was kind of called a nerd there( not true!) and whenever I said that I didn't study they would shake their heads and say " Whatever, we don't believe you" Anyway, one time my professor suddenly told us that we have a long quiz next meeting about a subject in biochemistry. Every one was shocked and kept having violent reactions while I kept quiet. Suddenly one friend of mine snickered and told all the class that my comment was "That's all?" and I was so shocked. Unfortunately everybody liked that statement and it went on for days. Horrible experience for me. Irritated me to no end.

  3. hope you do well in your exam =] I've actually got GCSE's in less then 2 months and I'm scared =S anyway, I drew some fan art on 'False Facades' and 'Through Me'and a scene from 'False Facades' and I posted it on =] Hope you like them..sorry if there're kinda crap, I drew Sammy and Vincent while I was on the bus to school =3.. here are the links.