Saturday, February 7, 2009

Through Me Character Pics - Nelaela

Nelaela (notmaryjane) sent along some more character pictures for Through Me. Thanks!

Adeline Bradbury - Marie Digby.
Nelaela says: "What can I say? she looks perfect, for me, anyway. ;) lol. She's half Irish and Japanese."

Tristan Harland - Robert Hoffman

Sammy Westlane - Emmy Rossum
Nelaela says: "Yeah, I know what you're thinking, she's not even a redhead, buuut, let me finish first, she got this innocent and cute feeling that when I saw her pics, I'm like "ohmigawd. if she's a redhead, she'll be a pefect sammy!" Not to mention, she's so pretty, and adorable (like Sammy)."

Thanks, Nelaela!

I'm really craving sushi right now. Spicy salmon, dragon rolls ... COME TO ME!


  1. I thought Jessica Michibata would make a good Adeline Bradbury. She's half Japanese, a fourth Italian, and a fourth Spanish. According to Wiki, Jessica's a whopping 5'9 - which, I think, fits Adel since she's tall (especially for an Asian since she's almost as tall as Tristan...). However, I wouldn't really google her since she's a lingerie model. :X

    Here's some pics (which are thankfully, with her clothed).

  2. hi i just read False facades and Through Me which i absolutely loved and the whole way through i really pictured Adeline as Ziyi Zhang from Crouching tiger, Hidden Dragon. She so gorgeous, yet timid and innocent yet ferocious and kick ass like Adeline. I love Adeline and Tristans relationship arguments and all, your a great writer :D

  3. Thanks for the comments and pics! I'll be sure to post them up soon. :)