Sunday, July 31, 2011

Deathly Hallows Part 2 & Pottermore

Finally watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 the other day. I caught it in 3D, which was cool though I'm not sure how much I got out of the 3Dness asides from ooh, I'm floating past the Dementors and whoa, it's like I can reach out and taste Voldemort's drifting ashes. But all in all, the movie was great and I left the theater feeling pretty numbed after I spent part of the time clutching a wadded tissue. it wasn't even so much about all the deaths; I started tearing up when they started warding Hogwarts for battle. So epic.

General Impressions (Beware of spoilers ahead!):

  • Voldemort's public announcements were creepy. Especially to those two girls in the movie who screamed their heads off. The girls were so shell-shocked, I actually thought something magically horrific was happening to them and he was melting their brains inside out and soon we were going to see blood trickle out of their ears, eyes, and noses during the close up. Oh, oh ... not so. Voldemort's voice amplification just inspired screams of the normal variety.
  • I cringed and wanted to beat off Nagini with a bat when Snape finally met up with Voldemort. I liked how they showed the attack; even offscreen, the death sounded grisly. Poor Snape.
  • They did not do Fred Weasley's death justice. Oh, Fred, we didn't even get to see you fall in combat or mourn properly over your dead face. Folks who haven't read the books probably wouldn't have even known which Weasley died, let alone which twin.
  • Before, Lavender Brown was the annoying girl who got in between WonWon and Hermione and should have just disappeared for good already, gosh. After seeing a werewolf feast on her body ... Lavender Brown, forgive me, I didn't really mean it. No one deserves a werewolf mauling. :(
  • I had not particularly enjoyed Narcissa Malfoy's portrayal in the previous movies because of the skunk on her head and the lack of any memorable scenes, but she was ... wow here. Leading her son away to safety without a backward glance while her husband stumbled after them ... she was so badass. Her main priority had always been to keep Draco safe. Mother's love ftw. Screw the dark side. Work that skunk.
  • Dayum, Neville Longbottom, how to successfully get through puberty, indeed.
  • Dayum, Hermione Weasley, how to successfully get knocked up early enough to look like one good looking 25 year old mother of a 11 year old daughter?
  • I wished everything was longer. 
Good-bye for now, Harry Potter. End another chapter of childhood, take another step into real adulthood.

Speaking of Harry Potter, I recently heard of Pottermore and was discussing it with a friend yesterday. After doing 400 USMLEWorld review questions, my brain felt a bit mushy the whole day and to me, Pottermore sounded like darn good fun ... (keep in mind though that my idea of really fun games have been the Sims and Cranium).
Me: Apparently, it's supposed to be sort of interactive and you can get sorted into Houses and    stuff. I know this is pretty dorky of me but ...
Friend: I WANT A SPOT!
Real adulthood, indeed.

It's supposed to open up in October to the public, but starting July 31st, people can solve these Magical Quill clues based on the books to register for early access. They don't announce what time the clues go up though so around midnight yesterday, I was like yeah, this sounds pretty exciting (some of you might be scoffing at me now, but I have a sad life revolving around studying at the moment and even finding ice cream in the fridge turns into a momentous highlight of the day for me. Plus, come on, it's like freaking interactive Hogwarts world so I judge you more for not loving Hogwarts - alright, just judge me less harshly) ... but this is ridiculous, am I really going to stay up all night refreshing the Pottermore site in hopes the clue would appear? Sure, I guess I can technically use the time to continue studying and check back on the site hourly, but ... I like sleep too much. Dilemma of the night.

I went to bed. Dilemma over.

Around 4:20 am though, I got a text from friend: "Answer's 245!!"

And then a few minutes later: "You awake??"

Yeah, no, I was completely knocked out.

Around 5:30 am, I jerked awake and checked my phone groggily for the time when I saw her messages. Of course, by then, registration was over and I was like, "Nooo! Thwarted by an hour!"

And then I laughed because I couldn't believe friend had been so dedicated to still be up past 4am. Rolled over and went back to sleep.

At the rate these clues are getting posted up, I'm pretty sure I'm just going to wait for October and be one of those non-special early folks to check out the site. I don't quite have the stamina the hardcore Potter fans have, but it's still incredible to see such enthusiasm over something Harry Potter again especially with the last movie over. The fanbase is definitely still as passionate as back in the days of midnight book release parties, if not more.

Happy Birthday, J.K.Rowling and Harry Potter. Thanks for the good times.


  1. OHMYGOD, I THOUGHT EXACTLY THE SAME ABOUT FRED'S DEATH!!! The twins were two of my favourite characters, and I couldn't believe they didn't even really show who it was! :'( other than that, and the weird 'let's end it TOGETHER' bit I thought they did a fab job! :)

  2. I was fully prepared with tissues, so that I could cry and wail over Fred's death, and it turned out to be an afterthought in the movie. Made me SO MAD. But I wept through every scene with Snape. And I cried when McGonagall finally got to use that spell. So you are not alone.

  3. After the fourth Harry Potter book, I kind of gave up on the series even though I finished reading all the books anyway. Please don't blasphemy me as a non-Harry Potter fan. O.o I really enjoyed the stories up until puberty started to hit them and Harry ended up becoming some sort of self-proclaimed hero. Pretty much, when Sirius died in book five, I found that I couldn't forgive Harry for being so rash about his actions. He was just a teenager and he thought it was his job to save the world. Then again, I also condemned the adults for not telling Harry anything that was significant enough to maybe keep him out of trouble. With his personality, they should have known that he was going to figure things out even if it killed him (or in this case, his godfather).

    Call me strange, but even though the infamous four Marauders were only mentioned as flashbacks, I really love those guys (even the rat).

    Nonetheless, I'm glad you enjoyed the last movie. I've been hearing that the movies were actually done really well and some people enjoy them more than the books. I've read all the books, but haven't really been too interested in the movies enough to watch them.

    Now that I know Fred's death isn't even given a grand, justified presentation, I might consider not watching the last movie at all. Fred was my favorite Harry Potter character and when he died in the book, I wailed a big fat "No! Why?!" And then the brothers looked at me funny and didn't quite take to my explanation that it wasn't fair that Fred had to die. But I can't believe they couldn't even give him a proper death scene-- now THAT just sucks.

    Maybe at some point in time I might pick up the last three Harry Potter movies, because the fifth one was the last that I bothered to watch.

  4. The movie was really good but short. I think it was the shortest HP movie. It hardly explained about Dumbledore's story.

    My friends and I were really crazy at the cinema. We cried and laughed our head off for Voldy's lack of um nose. Anyway, it was all good. I do really feel old though. No more HP movie to look forward to next year.

    OH, and this is going to be totally random but what are you specializing in (with your med thing and all)? I hope the question's not too personal. If it is, then feel free to ignore it. :D

  5. Demi: Fred! :(

    Chess: Fred!! :(

    anicheung: I didn't get to watch all of the HP movies, but I did enjoy the Deathly Hallows ones. I'm pretty sure I still prefer the books more, but I do like the HP cast and think the film adaptations were really successful. All in all, I love J.K. Rowling's consistent creativity and plot building and it was great to see her words translated on screen. Also, Fred!!! :(

    Margo: Yes, I do wish they embellished on some parts, especially Fred's death and Dumbledore's story. I really expected a flashback for Dumbledore's younger years too.

    I haven't decided about specializations; I always thought I might do pediatrics or family medicine, but it all depends on how I feel after rotations.