Friday, January 7, 2011

The Butt Dance

Friend had a potluck at her place the other day. I decided to bring spring rolls so I wrangled my brother into helping me wrap rolls the night before.

During wrapping, we bonded:
Brother: So, the butt dance.
Me: Oh. That Korean thing?
Brother: Yes. KARA.
Me: Hmm, that's really the only song I know from that group. What's the name of it again? Mister or something?
Brother: No clue. I only know of The Butt Dance.
Me: Oh ... okay.
Brother: ....
Me: La la la la lala laa la la la lala la la -
Brother: Don't.
My brother doesn't like to talk much.

Anyway, this is the butt dance he is referring to. Kinda old news, but I guess no news is too old for guys when it comes to girls doing synchronized booty-shakin':


  1. Have you ever tried dancing it? Lol.

  2. Ohhh no haha. I don't think I really have the posterior to successfully execute such shakin'. Even though I had ballroom dancing classes during high school, my dance skills are still woefully inadequate.

    I could technically try to wag my butt around the house while I'm lalala-ing, but I fear my brother will never speak to me again for such travesty.

  3. Haha! I feel you. It also ticks my brother off. And I don't think the butt shaking is really complete without the fancy costume they are wearing. :)