Thursday, January 6, 2011

Through Me Chapter 29

Through Me Chapter 29 has finally been posted! It's a really, really long chapter (around 25 pages) and Fictionpress went and messed with some of my formatting again so Adel and Tristan look like they have ultra fancy email addresses for the technologically impaired, but oh wells. I hope you like it anyway.

I'm hoping to wrap up the story by the next chapter or so. A nice round 30 chapters. Until then, thank you all so much for sticking with this story for so long. I know it hasn't been easy with my excruciatingly slow updates so you guys really are way awesome. 


  1. are you going to write a story for Will?

  2. Hmm, does this mean you're interested in a story for Will?

    Shall I try my hand at slash fiction? Haha, hmmm ...

  3. orr you could totally have a girl who beats Will at his own game and makes him uncomfortable xD.. but that dynamic is too much humour and not enough "lead couple"-y... unless it's pulled off well I suppose. I mean, I put off TM for years because it was the guy who lost the girl's story and I thought it'd be booring. But you totally proved me wrong --I love TristanAdel like, so much --and I believe TM is my favourite fictionpress story.

    But yeah. That dynamic has a more slapstick feel to it; it was sort of a jokey suggestion. Iunno.

  4. :( The link is broken for me. Ah well, I'll check back later.

  5. ohh slash fiction for Will? YOU KNOW I ACTUALLY LIKE THAT IDEA VERY MUCH. lol.

  6. I love the latest chapter! LOL-ing so hard at the e-mails. Tongue Thing. :))
    Hmm, maybe what Will needs is an uptight and emotionless girl. It'll be awesome to see Will try to loosen someone up :))

  7. Haha! Will seems to have so many possibilities. Hmm, decisions, decisions ...

  8. Hey ! I've LOVED your two stories, 'False Facades', and 'Through Me', but I'm just wondering if you'll write another ...? I'm in love with Sammy, Vincent, Tristan and WILL! I know you're busy but I'm sure you'd get lots of bonus points if you considered writing another sequel... Especially if all the characters were together a bit more :)) Thank you so much for these excellent stories, I can't wait for chapter 30 !!! :)

  9. Haha, I always do love 'em bonus points. I'll think about it and we shall see. As you can see from the above comments, there are a couple of ideas floating around, many of which are quite intriguing. Too many, in fact. I'll need to figure things out and see if I can actually get any time to write without leaving you guys hanging for a decade. Thanks so much for reading!

  10. I know this is probably not possible but I would love an alternative universe of False Facades with Tristan and Adel. lol.

  11. MAEVEN!!! I've been meaning to post here but didn't get a chance to til now...butttt remember that I still LOVE YOU (in a non creepy way) and will alwaysssss carry Tristan and Adel in my heart, haha.

    I can't believe the story is going to end! I can't wait though! I'm sure it will be epic! (sorry no pressure, haha) Oh and I was completely 100% serious about hoping you'd do a special chapter that was um rated "mature" hahaha! Let me know if you ever decide to dabble there, lol. Soooo like say, when they meet in know, passions collide when they reunite and all that sexual tension is finally put to use, lol.

    It doesn't have to actually be part of "Through Me" but maybe like an alternate universe special chapter??? I'm just putting it out there, haha! I'd die if you actually did do it, oh gosh...awesome! I'm really not a perv, in of my friends who I got hooked on your story, I found out she feels the same way, haha! She was also wishing for a "special" chapter, hehe.

    This is what you get Maeven for creating such explosive chemistry between Tristan and Adel, ok? We want moreeeeeeeeeeeee, haha!

    But ok I said I'd show you pics and songs! Check them out when you have time!

    So I said I found THE perfect Tristan, right? Its so funny cuz it turns out other readers already suggested him when I went back and checked your "Through Me" posts. But here is a pic that looks insanely 100% Tristan, haha. It's Alex Pettyfer.

    I actually didn't even know who he was until I saw a preview for "Beastly" and immediately thought he was my Tristan!

    Ok I have also found a candidate for Adel. She is currently my #1 choice. She's even half Chinese, woot woot! Her name is Kelsey Chow. I first saw her on the DisneyXD show "Pair of Kings." She totally fits Adel! Tho, I do want her to look a bit more Asian, but it's totally doable with wardrobe and makeup, haha. But if you ever get a chance to check her out on the Disney show, she looks more Asian on the show for some reason.

    I've included a short clip of her and a few pics! I think she is gorgeous but not "too pretty" to be Adel, if that makes any sense.

    I love the 2nd pic there! Complete with stare down AND pony tail, haha!

    But ok, last link! Sorry if I'm wearing you out! Here is the song that I said was Adel's perfect theme song to Tristan! You probably heard it already, but its Paramore's "The Only Exception." I love it! Give it a listen!

    But yes, I think Alex and Kelsey would make an excellent Tristan and Adel! They are around the same age too! HOT!

    But ok there you have it! Sorry if this is overkill for you, haha! Thanks again for taking the time to write and finish the story!

  12. Anonymous: Ohh, haha. Do you mean if Adel had enrolled into school as a boy too? Lol, cute. Mayyybe. I might consider a wacky short one-shot one day if I ever have time, but if I do write any one-shot extensions, I think I'd probably post it on this blog instead of FP.

    Trinity1418: HEYYY! Haha, thanks for your epic comments again. You always make me smile. Oh, hmm, a "mature" chapter ... haha, never tried it before but I do believe writers should branch out sometimes and ... I'll see. It depends. On my level of fortitude. And alcohol intake. Haha. But if I ever do write such an extra chapter ... hmm, I was gonna say I might post it here instead of FP, but then I guess my blog might need to go on some parental block lists. So ... yeah, more decisions later when I ever actually decide to write and post a "special" chapter first.

    Thanks for the character pics! I still have a bunch of pics some readers have recommended to post. Been falling behind on these blog posts, sadly. Soon!

  13. YES YES PLEASE DO! i would so look forward to reading ADEL cross-dressing. OMFG PLEASE DO! YOU'LL MAKE MY FANGIRL DREAM COME TRUE. lol.

    and abt that Tristan look alike, i cant find him on facebook! damn it. i want to snap a picture of him but then if I post it, what if he finds out and sue me!?!?

  14. okay, I know, I know, I'm spamming your comments box but I forgot to include this in my last comment. She should cross dress to "stalk" Tristan in a college setting. oh my mind is going to lalala land. okay, you can totally ignore me. I'm just--this must be a mixture of slacking off and dreading my meeting tomorrow.

  15. Haha, I'll think about it.

    And yeah, I guess snapping paparazzi pictures might not be such a good idea. :( Too bad, so sad.

  16. Gosh . Can't wait for the next chapter .
    I totally loved the part with the emailing thing . i love them !

    Please don't make us anxious waiting for the ending .
    I'll probably have sleepless night wondering the next turn of events .


  17. Will you write a one-shot about Danielle and Caine ?

  18. :) Glad you liked the chapter!

    Any writing and any writing ideas are still on the back burner, unfortunately. Too many important exams coming up. Sighs.

    Thanks for your patience!

  19. Hi Maeven,
    I've been reading a lot of fictionpress recently and have thoroughly enjoyed your stories! I hope that you can finish off Through Me soon though!! (: Hopefully your exams are almost over and you've got some free time to spare (: My respect for you is also grounded by your status as a medical student! I'm completing my final year of high school in Australia and getting into med school is so so difficult! Good work, hope everything is going well and can't wait for the conclusion of Through Me! (:

  20. Thanks, Sandra! I really hope so, too. Congrats on your final year!

  21. I love 'False Facades' and 'Through Me'. They totally rock! Please write the 30th chapter of through me quickly! I'm kinda dyin'.......wantin' to know what is gonna happen

  22. Hi Maeven!

    I absolutely loved False Facades and I adore the way your words just flow to create a marvelous world with such simple people but with such a complex and deep storyline. Thanks for reposting the story - it must be very disappointing to find that others have stolen your work.

    Anyway, I'm almost finished reading what you've written so far in Through Me, and, not to be selfish, but I really need you to update it.

    The thing is, once I start a story, I absolutely must finish it. I stay up much later than I can stand just to ease one more word into my brain; I'm obsessed! I'm worried because I might finish chapter 29 soon and I won't be able to continue. I don't mean to rush you, but there are lives at risk.

    Once again, I love your work and I love your ideas. Keep writing and I hope you update soon! (:

  23. Keep writing! i loooveee your work! :) you're truly my inspiration to write, hahaha. x