Thursday, October 16, 2008


I'm absolutely exhausted. I have a splitting headache.

And I come home to my parents belting out songs to their karaoke dvds. What they lack in pitch and talent, they make up with enthusiasm and decibels.

Today, I was supposed to have two exams: French and Epidemiology.

Except, when I straggled into French class after staying up til 3am last night going over Epi, my professor announced that she had a "plan".

She postponed the exam for the third time. Normally, I wouldn't complain about getting a reprieve, but it's gotten to the point where I just want to get it over with. It's the second time I've crammed for her nonexistent exam when I should have used my time to better focus on my other exam.

But back to her genius plan: so she suddenly had the impulsive notion to skip the exam and go see a movie. Her reasoning? It's in French and it's a good movie and plus, it's a thriller so she claims that she's too scared to watch it by herself. Nice that she's in charge of a whole class that can accompany her now then, isn't it?

Most students would be "Nice!", but most students don't have a second exam later in the day that they can't miss. Normally, I would have looked forward to these events, but I just wished that she would just plan out things more thoroughly. If you're not going to give an exam, email us so we don't have to study needlessly. If you want us to see a movie, tell us so that we can just meet at the theater instead of wasting time coming to campus first.

Another girl was even more annoyed. She not only had another exam later, but to make matters worse, she took a taxi this morning just to get to French on time because she was afraid she might be late for our so-called test. Two other kids had work and other classes.

We were very disgruntled. The partypoopers of the class.

Professor zeroed in on me because I had a very "Are you for real?" face on.

She said: "Oh, you have an exam at 2? It's okay. I think the movie ends at 1:15."

Me: "I don't think I can get back to campus on time though."

Professor: "It's fine. Take the A train - it'll be fast."
(What world do you live in where public transportation runs so smoothly?)

Me (tight smile): "I don't think so."

Professor: "We'll leave now."

Me: "Actually, I think I'd rather study for my second exam now, you see. Since I spent time studying for French instead."

Professor: "Oh."

Me: "Yeah ..."

Professor: "Well, can you go see it later in the day then? We'll make this an assignment. Okay?"

Cursed life. Fortunately, four other students couldn't go either so we decided to try to set up our own movie date for tomorrow. Then this kid Googled the movie and he found out it was up online so we can just watch it for free. Score.

So I spent two hours reviewing for Epi again in between nodding off in the library and ... the exam was ... okay. Epidemiology is a really conceptual subject and since I'm not a math fan, the calculations make me too sad.

Now I have to ... watch the movie, restudy for French again ... and prepare for Genetics presentation next week. Who finds the idea of explaining the biochemical basis of a genetics disease with a Powerpoint presentation in front of 80 people fun?! Yeah?

If so, please come replace me. Please. I'm one of those people who can't even recite a sonnet in front of the class without quavering.

Oh! I think the wailing downstairs has abated. They're only mumbling now. I think they must not know the song.

My eyes feel so dry - so very tired. :(


  1. Your professor sounds like a nightmare. I hate the suprise "you have no exam - you can be happy now!" thing.

    It's like, come on! I just wasted time - valuable time - studying for a test you're not even going to give me? Ugh.

    Hope you did well on your epi exam : ) Good luck for your french exam and the movie assignment.

    PS I'm an avid fan of through me. It's the BEST story on fictionpress right now.