Friday, October 10, 2008

Ocean Wavey Thing!

I asked my friend to "Quick! Come check my blog and tell me if it looks nice!"

Her reply was: "It's the same."

"It's not the SAME! It's blue now! And there's an ocean wavey thing!"


"I am going to shower now and when I come back, I expect proper enthusiasm."

"You changed your banner. How exciting can that be."

People fail to understand how technologically challenged I am. And how much technology abhors my existence. I swear, my brother won't let me touch anything without careful supervision because the last I did, we had no internet for a week and his screen blew up. (Really, it's not my fault. Just because it was in my room doesn't mean I automatically contaminated it. Of course not.)

My Future GPS (xkcd)

So when I get embarrassingly giddy over something I put up that actually looks somewhat right, damn it, I expect loud applause.

I'm a sad person.

I'm working on the next chapter for Through Me. No promises, but I'll try hard and we'll see if it comes out by Monday. Maybe? Maybe?

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  1. Haha...that's pretty amazing. I look forward to a new chapter.

    And hurrah medicine! It's what I'm going for.