Saturday, October 4, 2008

Some FAQs

I sit here before my laptop, two shirts on underneath another white sweatshirt with my hood pulled over my head and my feet shoved in my pink fuzzy slippers.

My brother came home a while ago and stopped in the doorway. "Why do you look like a marshmallow?"

"Because it's cold," I snarled, hunching forward and shifting my epidemiology papers, trying to look busy even though I've been comatose for the past few hours with a cup of hot water by my side.

I can't focus on anything. I swear, I must have been a bear in a past life. Hibernation in winter, go!

Except it's autumn now. So I must have been one lazy bear.

Anyway, there were just some common - and not so common - questions that I forgot to answer so I thought I'd get to it here:

Have you read the Twilight saga (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn) by Stephenie Meyer? Just curious... :D

Yes, I did. And I also read her other book, The Host. Of all five books, I believe I prefer The Host.

Can you post up some character pictures?

I know that it's getting to be a popular thing to post up pictures for characters, but I'm still thinking about it. Maybe it's because I'm a bit wary of the limitations they might set on readers' thoughts. Maybe it's because sometimes, I'm not actually certain myself how my characters look like specifically (I shape characters more through dialogue and interactions usually) or that the colors I think of can get so vibrant, I'm not sure yet if they're actually veering off into paint, photography or cartoon for that matter. And it feels funny to me to post something and give it my blessing as "This is now Tristan. You may dream of this face now."

However, I'm more than open to seeing your ideas for characters (actually, I'm extremely curious) so if you have pictures, please feel free to email links or post images in comments, if you can. I may compile pictures in a future post if some of you really, really wish to see character pictures.

And a more recent question:

Why did you leave out a description of Adel at the party?

No worries, I just decided that I'd rather wait for the next chapter since no one there was getting a clear look at Adel in Chapter 21 anyway.

By the way, I thought it was kinda cute the way most of the reviews for Chapter 21 started out with either WTF!, OMG! or other variations with Oh!

When will you repost False Facades?

When I'm done with revisions, which is turning out to be a major rewriting of the story. And with my schedule these days, it's going into the backseat right now. It's schoolwork at the wheel and Through Me buckled into the passenger seat at the moment.

I have a midterm floating up, an exam next week, a Genetics Disease presentation in two weeks, and two papers to write. In between, I'll try to see if I can get some writing done.

Wish me luck.


  1. Here comes the freak... me!
    ..again. Yeah.

    Sorry, I couldn't help replying to this post. *grins*
    I'm completely obsessed with Twilight and although I'm warming up to Taylor Lautner as Jacob, I'd still pretty much prefer Steven Strait or Michael Trevino. And Jesse Spencer is still going to be the only Carlisle in my head. Period. Well, him or Brad Pitt (just because I think Brad is a spunk lol) Oh, and then there's Nikki Reed...I love that girl but she's not Rosalie. I always imagine Rose as someone along the line of...Caroline Trentini, the Victoria's Secret angel. Speaking of which , Miranda Kerr could be such an awesome Esme. She's got dimples. *giggles*

    Ok...why am I talking about twilight characters anyway?

    Back to your story -- I think it'd be so cool if you'd post up pictures of the characters-- I just enjoy seeing the author's ideas of their characters. However, it doesn't change the way I view them. The Tristan in my head is somewhere between the guy from the J Lo Miami Glow ad, or a really blonde and curly haired version of Doug Pickett (the Ralph Lauren blue dude)


    Anyhoo good luck for the exams! Do they like ever end for you? It's like you go to uni...or college as you call it.. each day just for them x_x

  2. Oh you've read twilight? I've only read the first one, but here's a question I'd like to ask you.

    Don't you think Edward acts like an abusive boyfriend?

    I mean, abusers are usually very charming and attractive, they're possessive and sometimes over jealous, they try to dominate and control their partner, they take him/her away from their family and friends, they try to intimidate him/her, etc. etc.

    One example from the book is when she tells him she's not afraid of him and he responds by saying she should be and rips a branch off a tree and flings it towards another, knocking it down. Form of intimidation or what?

    Another is when she's crying and he wipes the tear from her cheek and licks it. This one just seems like he's getting off from her sorrow.

    I know, I know, he's a vampire, but the thing is, teenage girls are reading this and they're thinking "I want a boyfriend just like Edward." But what they don't know is that type of boyfriend is usually an abusive one. It's quite frightening.

    But anyways, I don't even know why I started rambling on about this, but I really hope you get the next chapter of Through Me out soon and I can't wait for the revised version of False Facades.

    Hope you do well on your exams.

    Good luck. ^__^

  3. Hhmm... I personally don't like to see photos of who the author imagine as their characters, it would wreck whatever image I have in my own mind hahaha
    However at times I find having a black & white photography instead of the full colour helps?
    As writers I find that you can never find someone who looks exactly as you want them to be in your story. Why? Yes they do have brown hair but not the green eyes you're looking for. Or, yes that's the smile he would have but his hair is not the right colour.
    That is why most of the time I will put all my coloured photos to gray scale, it really helps!
    False Facade is just one of the most funniest stories I've read, thank you for all the great memories I've had with it.
    The confusion for all the boys of Sam's gender. William and his fat mouth yet he is what I believe link them together in his humorous ways.
    Again, thank you for your hard work. We all appreciate it.
    Wish you well with everything in life and especially with yourself. Take care and stay beautiful.

    Best regards,
    My Anh Nguyen

  4. When it comes to photos of the characters, I sometimes like to see what the author's image is as well as what all the readers feel a character looks like to them.

    But I agree with my anh in that finally seeing a definite "This is Tristan" or "This is Adel" would ruin the image I already have of the character. That's the beauty of novels, though-- the reader is free to imagine as they wish who looks like what.

    As for finding photography of real people to display as "This person would look like this" is hard not only because the physical features may be off, but also because you can sometimes see a distinct type of personality in photos, and the one in the photo may not match the one of the specific character he or she is supposed to represent.

    I'm no good at art, but I'd love to see what other readers' images of the Through Me cast would be like. Sometimes, surprisingly, you may find the perfect pick-- that's where live action adaptations come into play. lol

  5. I love comments!

    candypop117: If you never commented, I'd be the freak who spends time ranting to herself.

    Believe me, I'm starting to think that I attend school just for exams now too. My professor just added another quiz to my endless list of work. If looks could kill, the class would have speared him on the spot. Two midterms, one powerpoint presentation, two papers ... I don't want to think about this.

    And wow, you seem to have studied your Twilight movie characters extensively haha. Hopefully, the movie will live up to all these fans' expectations.

    I'm still carefully considering posting up pictures. :) You could totally send me links to your ideas though, hinthint - oh, what the, hinthint's kinda moot here, isn't it?

    terry.x: I try not to incite the wrath of Twilight fans, but you make an interesting point in your comparisons. I've noticed other reviews on Amazon that have also objected to the portrayal of what seems to be an obsessive relationship, that of a "heroin addict and his favorite brand of drug".

    What's my biggest problem though is that while Stephenie Meyer has an engaging writing style, I've realized that she needs a better editor. Whereas there were some parts with plot, character flaws, and relationships in her books that could definitely be developed further, there were other parts that could easily be truncated by pages. This became a more prominent problem in her later books and what bugged me the most was her work up to what was essentially an anti-climatic cop-out ending. That being put, her books still held my interest and while they're not the most perfect stories, I admire her success in the publishing industry. I still maintain though that of all her books, popularity notwithstanding, I believe The Host was her best writing. Partly because she actually had a legit reason for her Mary Sue type protagonist and partly because it had a more imaginative, descriptive plot.

    My Anh Nguyen: Thank you for your comments! I'm so glad you enjoyed False Facades even with all its rough points. Will with his big mouth are definitely forces to be reckoned with. When I look back at False Facades, I'm still amazed by its popularity and how kindly readers treated a new author on FP. Hopefully, its revision will tie up all rough parts and make it better.

    I think your gray scale advice is really interesting. I might look into this when I do put up pics, but for now, I agree with you about character pictures. I, myself, generally don't view them unless for curiosity's sake. I usually forget their images and refocus on my expectations of certain characters haha.

    anicheung: Same! I'm still divided on the idea of characters pics. On one hand, I'm always curious about the author's ideas for certain characters and on the other, I get really "Whaaa?" when I see a particularly ... unappetizing picture for a character I'd already propped up on his own pedestal. That's why I'm uncertain about posting my own pics for characters because I would hate it if I inadvertently slaughtered some reader's idea of a character.

    I'm actually so much more interested in seeing my readers' own pictures for my characters. It gives me some more insight into what sort of characters I've created.

    So I shall sit back, fold my hands, and wait patiently for the pictures to roll in now.

    Now watch me lose what readers I have. :) You all know I'm just excusing myself so don't be scared. I won't physically point you out and demand pictures.

    Unless you want me to.


    Thanks for the comments again, everyone! Loved the feedback!

  6. yep, i've read the saga...

    how was it?

    let's just say that i didn't have the desire to read the twilight after i was through. this doesn't happen because i usually go back to my favorite parts. not this time though.

    frankly speaking, i think there are better stories in fictionpress. i guess i just raised my expectations too much. after all, twilight is always out of stock in bookstores here in the philippines and the reviews are like "seductive and suspenseful...". i just didn't expect it to be too much of an easy read. i like eclipse better but even that doesn't deserve the reviews it got.

    and now they're going to make it into a movie without even bothering to make edward's face smooth.:P BAH.

    meyer didn't even present new ideas about vampires much.:(

    or maybe i'm just asking too much from a high school romance story.

    but it any case, i like edward. i don't think he was abusive but a gentleman rather. a lot of human boyfriends would scream and maybe even physically abuse their girlfriends but no, not edward.

    your stories should get published. i'll bet they sell as easy as hers do.