Sunday, October 19, 2008

Through Me: Character Pics - girlgamer112

This is all for girlgamer112 and her herculean efforts to get the image links to work. :) She sent a bunch of pictures of her ideas for Through Me's main protagonists, Adeline Bradbury and Tristan Harland. I've selected some to post here along with her comments. Thanks, girlgamer112! You're the best.

Adeline Bradbury - Maggie Q. "Well-known actress and model. She is eurasian and is half-chinese. I am aware that she is in her late 20s/ early 30s, but her pics of when she was younger are like the perfect comparison to Adel." - girlgamer112

Tristan Harland - Doug Pickett. "One of Ralph Lauren’s prominent male models. He is regarded as a younger version of Leonardo Dicaprio, due to some of his pictures. Not the ones I’m posting though. Last picture is the perfect picture for Tristan! =)" - girlgamer112

Once again, much thanks to girlgamer112 for her efforts! I adore the pictures. :) It's always lovely to see other people's ideas of representation for certain characters and I'm forever looking forward to readers' feedback.

News regarding writing, I'm working on the next chapter, but I have a presentation to prepare for on Monday. I've emailed the slides and the handouts to my professor already so now's all about the matter of preparing in detail what I'm going to say. There's also supposedly going to be a 5 minutes Q&A section with some visiting professors so I'm really tense right now and feeling sick to my stomach. I wish I'm one of those people who can get up there and just wing it.


  1. Maeven:

    Although you did post these many pics (and they are very nice),l just can't seem to picture them as Adel and Tristan, respectively. Adel just doesn't look Asian enough. :) And Tristan looks too old and not at all high schoolerish. As a character, he doesn't seem that intense as the photos suggest. Also, Id picture him as somewhat lankier rather than all "chubby" as visible in the last photo (and a bit more happy). Somewhat like an English gentleman. Proper and uptight. And for Adel, someone brash and laidback. Kinda like someone from California. Maybe SFO. Sorry. I haven't found any good pics yet. But if I do, I will surely let post them here. :) nice work though, Girlgamer112

  2. anonymous:

    To each his/her own. :)

    This is why it's so hard to post character pictures and why I've been hesitant about finding my own pictures. There will never be one perfect representation for all readers. I just found it extremely nice to be able to see girlgamer112's ideas and I look forward to seeing your images as well if you find any good pics in the future. Thanks for your thoughts!

  3. A whole post dedicated to my pixs?! Aww, Maeven you shouldn't have. I feel special now! haha I'm glad that you decided to let your readers find pictures for your characters, instead of you posting up pictures. It will be fun to see other people’s interpretations of your lovely characters. I hope more people will post pictures so I can compare my Tristan with theirs. lol

    @ anonymous-

    Kinda confused about your review. Umm.. I was actually the one that found the pictures and wrote the little comments, not Maeven. Lol So don’t think that Maeven is like forcing you guys too think this is what Adel and Tristan look like, because it’s definitely not. It is my view and perspective of what the characters would look like; Maeven just happened to post them on her website. =) Actually, Adel is only half-Chinese, her mother is Chinese and her father is Cacuasian [don’t know nationality,]. So technically she doesn’t have fully all the asian features, like for example the slanted eyes. My second choice for Adel would have been the Chinese Actress Zhang Ziyi but she could definitely NOT pass for someone who was half-Chinese. So if you want someone who looks more asian, Zhang Ziyi is your girl! =P

  4. Heeeey! My name is Mary and i was just wondering if it would be possible for you to send your story (I think its called False Facades) to me. I just think it is a massive shame you have taken it down of fiction press (although I completely get why you have). It has had so many reviews and everytime I look at some of my favourite authors other favourite stories, it always comes up. I don't write, nor do i have any plans to but i love reading the stories. If you can't I understand but I just thought I would give it a go and see because I would really like to read it.
    Thanks so much,


  5. To Mary:

    Thank you for your interest in False Facades, Mary! Unfortunately, I'm not sending any copies to readers through email at the moment. The story is still going through revisions right now and whenever I'm done, the old rough draft will be reposted to Fictionpress. I apologize for any disappointment and I really appreciate your comments.

    - Maeven

  6. i just wanted to say that maggie q is half vietnamese. :]

  7. OMG.tristen and adel are like my favorite couple...IN THE WORLD. and i love the last picture of the tristen interpertation...thing, although i pictured his eyes a bit bluer.i really hope that some day i meet somepeople like the characters in her stories.I WOULD WORSHIP THE GROUND THEY WALKED ON.oh and i kinda wanna say that i was just randomly checking out your blog and then i saw "character pics" and i excitement is scary sometimes, but AHHHHHHHHHHHHH this is aweome