Monday, October 13, 2008

Through Me Chapter 22

Through Me Chapter Twenty Two has been posted!

My cousins are here and they've brought me curry. I must say "Mmm" and rub my belly.

The things I do for free food.

I'm so dead for the upcoming exams. Not even funny. :(

Epidemiology = readings+calculations = incomprehension.


  1. I think I posted this like three times already.. STUPID fictionpress cant even post the links to photobucket!! Anyways, hopefully these work.. sorry, that I can't make them clickable =(

    Adel (Maggie Q)
    ~Well-known actress and model. She is eurasian and is half-chinese. I am aware that she is in her late 20s/ early 30s, but her pics of when she was younger are like the perfect comparison to Adel. Unfortunately no dimples =(

    Beautified Adel/Maggie

    Tristan (Doug Pickett)
    ~One of Ralph Lauren’s prominent male models. He is regarded as a younger version of Leonardo Dicaprio, due to some of his pictures. Not the ones I’m posting though. Last picture is the perfect picture for Tristan! =)

    Next review will involve our favorite redhead and clueless boyfriend. Tell me what you think!? haha

  2. Thanks, girlgamer112! You have more stamina and patience than I do with getting links to work and I love you for not giving up! The pics are all really nice - it's always interesting to see what readers think of the characters. I'm probably going to dedicate a future post to your images later on so stay tuned.

    And ... YES, I do look forward to more pics of our redhead and clueless boyfriend too. :)