Thursday, June 19, 2008

About Me

My penname is Maeven and I'm a frequenter of Fictionpress.

I write for fun. For relief from reality. For something productive to do beside going blind from textbook worship. I adore thinking up crazy plots and dialogue. I'm an English minor and an insane fictionpress writer by night and an equally insane, but panda eyed comatose med student by day.

What I've been driving myself nuts over is working on actually getting out of med school in one piece. So at times, the workload can get incredibly overbearing and I can be insanely slow with updates. (Most readers know this about me - I'm so sorry!) Yeah, just wait until I hit Gross Anatomy next year. You'll never be hearing from me again.

Writing style wise, I love humor and bantering in my chapters. Weak points wise, I'm not big on descriptions. I'm not saying I don't love descriptions, but I tend to find myself short on time and so, in my rush, I usually just put down two lines rather than two paragraphs if I could, if I deem it not particularly necessary to the story right now. Descriptions, to me, are aesthetic embellishments, and I would so love to be able to work more on them, and I probably would in a second draft or so, but just for now, please please please take it as you will because I do have an exam to study for, probably right after I post up an update. When I have more time, I'll be sure to spend more time on all my weak points accordingly. Thank you for your suggestions.

Understand that my writing style for short pieces in English classes differ highly from my fictionpress writings. I feel that right now, my stories here on fictionpress are still in their first drafts and will definitely need to be tweaked. This is why I appreciate and adore all your constructive criticism, but at the same time, if I don't immediately get to correcting something (like False Facades, still in its full awkward glory), please understand that I did read your comments and I did take them into consideration and that once I get the time, when I remember, I would immediately jump on it. I'm not ignoring you, especially not you right there, sitting in front of your computer with a mug of Lipton tea. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

A while back however, I was plagued with several plagiarism incidents with certain individuals taking my story and reposting it on another site. After dealing with this one time too many, I got fed up and I removed most of False Facades in an attempt to protect my copyrights.

Since then, I've been concentrating on my studies and reformatting plans for my writings. I've contemplated leaving Fictionpress all together, but to be honest, I've become addicted to its community and the amount of support and response from readers and authors there have made me realize that I can't just pry myself away. I've received messages that have really touched me and they've reminded me of my belief that there is still more good than bad out there in the world.

Thus, I'm establishing this blog to try to keep track of my thoughts and writings and to keep my readers updated on my progress as I try to hone my writing skills and venture back into fictionpress. Wish me luck?

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