Thursday, June 19, 2008

False Facades and other Fictionpress Stories

False Facades

This is probably the story that I'm fondest of ... and yet, it's also the piece I'm perhaps the most embarrassed of. Honestly, I'm honored and humbled by the huge positive response I've received for this work and I think I was incredibly lucky to have so much support and encouragement as a new author back then because your feedback motivated me to work harder at improving my writing and, not to mention, to keep up with constant updates. (Until then, I had the tendency to lose stamina halfway and never complete long works so thank you all.)

That being said, long after the story had been completed, I'd received some emails or reviews saying either A) It was an unoriginal story or B) I didn't deserve so many reviews and that frankly, they were surprised that I had managed to get so many reviews in the first place because they didn't like the story at all and that there were other stories that deserved more attention, etc. etc. Okay, fair enough. I, myself, admit that when I look back at the story, I cringe sometimes, wondering what the heck was I thinking haha. And I don't expect everyone to enjoy the way I write; everyone has his own likes and dislikes.

So here, more like a warning rather than a defense, I'd like to inform any future readers that False Facades was first written when I was a high school freshman, back when I was thirteen or fourteen-ish when I was kinda big on anime fanfics, and published on Fictionpress in 2003. Hence, and ouch, you'd see multiple exclamation marks, poor grammar, characters that ran amok in wild antics (well, I still haven't quite lost my taste for those crazy scenes haha), lightning speed character development, and ... okay, I'll throw this one in as well - thoughts in brackets - even though it wasn't my intention. Fictionpress, back in the days, had some weird format thing so instead of italics, I had to put the thoughts in brackets and scene dividers as stars.

However, I do promise, that if you stick with the story, probably past Chapter Twenty or so, you'd hopefully see my writing mature. The format suddenly changes. And this is why I'm so glad I posted False Facades up here, because with you guys as reviewers, as witnesses, as fans, and as critics, I was able to shape the story - and my writing skills - into what they are today. And I hope to keep on improving since I still have quite a lot of things to work on.

Good points to False Facades? It was simple. It was simple and sweet. There's a quality of innocence and reckless style in it that reminds me of my younger days, back when I typed simply for the heck of it. I thought nothing about what would come next and wrote that scene in that moment. Over the top, but it's endearing sometimes and it still brings a smile to my face when I'm not grimacing.

That being said, I'm still quite surprised how there are people who've plagiarized this work - even with all the craptastic writing in the beginning - so many times (The Winglin incident has finally died down. I believe the person or the site admins have finally taken down the story. Thank you all for your support.) and it's unnerved me. I would like to revise this story in the future just to make it less cringe-worthy, but I might not post it. I don't understand the liberties some people have taken with posted fiction online. Just because authors here have chosen to share their writings and their stories online with the community doesn't mean we don't wish to retain our rights. Please be courteous and have respect. Be kind, rewind.

And that ... had absolutely nothing to do with anything, but I thought I might as well throw in something else in my preaching.

Long note, eh? If you stuck through it, more power to you. Thank you for reading.

(March 28 2008: The last 29 chapters were removed from Fictionpress due to the plagiarism incidents. As of now, I am working on certain plans for it and may repost it sometime in the future.)

Unfinished Business

The title says it all. Sorry! I'm thinking about finishing up Through Me first to see how it goes. I might or might not continue with this. It's been left alone for quite some time already (understatement of the year) and I feel any readers following it might have already gotten fed up and dropped this story.

Update: Thank you for those who suddenly reviewed or sent me Private Messages demanding for another chapter. Haha, I'm so sorry about the wait, but at least, you've refreshed my interest in the story and I'm contemplating about reworking this piece now. We'll see how it goes.

Through Me

Still in progress. The characters are running me up and down a hill though haha.

Update as of March 10: Through Me Chapter 15 has been posted.
Update as of March 16: Through Me Chapter 16 has been posted.

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