Friday, June 27, 2008

Wii! Oui! Whee!

My brother bought me half a Wii.

Don't ask. We have this system where he pays half of my present and then I pay for the other half for his birthday so that in the end, we both own it. It's the "no hassle shopping" mentality.

But back to the Wii. I figured if my brother was already wasting his life in front of the computer and playing video games, he might as well get some exercise out of the video game experience instead, just like how many thousands of people the Wii has already tricked into some physical exertion. The power it holds, whoa.

It finally got shipped yesterday and my brother clutched the Super Smash Brothers Brawl to his heart (it came with the Toys R Us bundle, not my idea). We created our little Mii people and then - and then - somehow, we found our parents usurping it and my brother and I ended up sitting on the couch, goading them on. As in:

Mom: Come on, I'll beat you anytime.
Dad: Okay, this is messed up. I threw it straight! Why isn't the ball going down straight!
Of course, Mom throws and the bowling ball on the screen sails down smoothly. Cue her maniacal laughter.
Dad: ... Okay, one more game. One more game! I'm getting the hang of this.
Mom: Oh, it's okay, don't worry, I'll let you win one.
Me and Bro: OH! Low blow!

They woke up with sore arms this morning. Mom can't move.

Lesson of the Day: Parents are still kids at heart.

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