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March 28, 2008 - Plagiarism Scene Take Three

Originally posted on Fictionpress on March 28, 2008.

So apparently, the Winglin incident isn't completely over. I don't know how Winglin dates its stories or maybe it's been around for a while and I just learned about it, but another author (or perhaps it's the same person as before) has posted my story again here,, claiming that's she me and that's she "re-casting" the crew with Hong Kong stars this time. As opposed to the person last time who posted with Korean stars and had the nerve to respond to readers' inquiries whether or not she was plagiarizing my story that yes, she was indeed the Maeven from Fictionpress and that "I" just wanted to repost the stories with some favorite celebrities (pfft, yeah right), this person didn't even do a good job in replacing the names. She merely just slapped on a character list in front of the chapters.

Unlike last time, I wasn't nearly as polite in the note I left the person.

All this plagiarism has really bothered me and I'm sorely tempted to just take the story off this site, if not for the fact that keeping this would somehow provide proof that I was and still am the original author. Can you just imagine the wry smile on my face?

Honestly. Honestly, I don't understand this. If people are so interested in reading this, then just come over to this site. I've left this here on this site for your perusal for how many years? And people are still plagiarizing? What's the point? Are they even making any profit from this? Are the few reviews they receive that satisfying to their small egos?

I'm really ... I can't believe I'm so shocked. And surprisingly so hurt by this. I've taken this news even worse than before for some strange reason. Perhaps it's because I just emailed a reader back asserting my faith in all my readers, perhaps it's because I suddenly feel so helpless. Just a month after my announcement to the readers about the last incident and already there's another plagiarizer popping up, it's made me realized just how insecure I really am. This isn't just a one time thing that I'm letting get to me. This has happened, to my knowledge, three times before and it doesn't stop, does it?

It's even brought me to thinking about going to one of those self-publishing places and just edit and publish this damn story once and for all. At least then, I'll be able to retain my rights completely. At least then, even if I miss all the feedback I've received from so many readers, I won't have plagiarizers lurking around as well.

But on a second thought though, I probably won't, simply because I've seen the prices on those books and whoa, some of them tend to be whythehellareyousoexpensivelittleteenybook which doesn't make much sense to me. It doesn't make sense why I would even try to sell something to you guys when, despite it being in its rough draft, it's been offered freely to all of you on this site for all these years.

I write for fun. I post to get feedback. It's been a good relationship. A chapter for the time you take to read and review and to leave me supportive comments and constructive criticism.

It's been great.

But unfortunately, right now, I can't do this anymore. I know I'm probably being really drastic, but ... please understand.

I've regretfully decided to remove most of the chapters from False Facades except for the very first one to leave some indication that I am still the original writer just in case there are those crazy people who've taken the time to copy and paste my chapters and stored or printed them and would be ever so happy to continue plagiarizing on another site.

Please. To readers - I'll like to say that I've only posted my original works on Fictionpress and before so if you see any of my works floating around out there, just know that it's some imposter. In addition, to those who've taken to reposting my stories even with an indication that it was originally written by me (I've seen some do so on, I believe), please. Just don't. Not that I don't appreciate your efforts, but I'd rather you had just directed readers to my profile in the first place. I don't much like to see my work reposted with the cast replaced by your favorite stars. I don't see the point and you're just undermining my original idea for the characters.

Uncle Frank's passion for Samantha's red hair and Marco Ngai pining for Gillian Chung's black hair don't quite work the same to me.

So I guess that's it. Thank you all for reading and for all the support. With time, I'll consider reposting the chapters and updating again. Maybe I'll even edit them first haha?

Just ... not now. I'm sorry.



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