Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hello World!

So I finally decided to pick up a blog.

A major factor is because I've finally realized that with the way my fictionpress profile is going, it's going to end up as an encyclopedia rather than a brief bio.

Second, I'll like to keep track of all my past author's notes rather than deleting them all to make space.

Third, most of my notes on fictionpress tend to get away from me and they belong more on a blog than there.

And fourth, this can finally be the outlet where my lil scribblings, writings, and sometimes, my not so lil rants belong. :)

For the following first couple of posts, I'll be importing my recent author's notes from fictionpress to clear up my bio, including the ones regarding the recent plagiarism incidents and my decision to remove False Facades from fictionpress. Please stay tune for new updates on future updates and plans I'm brainstorming for my fictionpress stories including False Facades soon. Much thanks!

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