Thursday, June 19, 2008

Plans for False Facades

So here are the tentative plans I've been contemplating lately:

I know my limitations for False Facades and I don't think I'm going to try the traditional securing an agent road for it. I'd probably just crash and burn. That being said, I still want to ensure its copyrights in a way that's somewhat better than Fictionpress' own flimsy mark so I do want to see it in print. Sort of.

I've received a suggestion from a reader to try I've looked into it and saw that it seems pretty much straightforward - a self-publishing site that doesn't actually ask you to cough up money first thing and it takes its revenues from only the amount of copies people order and what it'd have to print.

Thus, here's the gist of what I've been thinking:

First, I'll revise the crap out of False Facades, which means I'm going to be fixing up all its weak parts and probably fleshing out the beginning, a.k.a. add new chapters. I've looked back and realized that Sammy got off way too easy in her first days at Crestan High and I'm thinking of showing firsthand the kind of antics that Vincent and Tristan got into with terrorizing newcomers before Sammy entered the school. Second, I want to develop all of the characters' relationships further. The plot drove too much of the story and I want to throw in a bit more romance, a bit more character development.

After the revising is done, I plan to fix it up and throw its beautified version on for publishing and marketing - sort of.

That means that readers who want to have their own copies of False Facades or see it in print (early warning: print is super expensive in comparison to e-books) or be able to read the revised version of the story and see new chapters starring the crazy False Facades crew may have the option to purchase it soon and I can finally have some sort of security blanket in knowing that False Facades is in print out there somewhere with my copyrights intact as opposed to people copying and pasting my story off Fictionpress for their own benefits.

That being said, I hate the idea of making people pay for this story as the only option in which they can read it. So, in addition to making the book available, I'm probably going to be reposting the craptastic version, the original first draft of False Facades that was on the site before as a sort of a rough "library" copy for my budget-impaired readers. :)

Hardcore fans get the choice of buying the deluxe edition with its revisions and new chapters (all while supplying me with literally a bit of the revenues and a slightly more stable copyrights, yay :) while financially conscious readers get the option of just reading the original embarrassing version back on fictionpress again. Does this sound fair enough?

But all of this is just brainstorming for now. I have to sit down and sort out all the details first. Until then, I just wanted to keep you guys posted on what I'm thinking of so far.

In addition, I'm working on the next chapter for Through Me. I hope to come out with a new update soon. Thanks for your patience, all.


  1. I think that what you're planning on doing with False Façades is a good idea. However about does it also send the books out to or something? Because I dislike buying things off the internet and trust to a certain extent.

    ^^ btw, yay for new Through Me chapter!

  2. Since I couldn't leave a comment on False Facades because I've already commented I thought it best to ask you to let me know if you put your story in print through here! I would love to get a copy :) I'm a big fan of the story... It was so entertaining. I'm gonna be watching Hana Kimi soon which I learned about from reading your story!

  3. Oh, I'll definitely get the e-book! Good luck with self-publishing!

  4. I haven't actually read "False Facades" yet, since I just recently found it when I was browsing fictionpress. However, I really look forward to reading it when you repost the rough copy back on after you fix it up and make the better version available on Who knows, if I like it enough and want to read the deluxe copy, I might just buy the e-book! :3 Can't wait~

  5. I would definitely buy that book!
    I followed this story since the first chapter and have fallen in love with it ever since. (I don't think I reviewed enough >.>)

  6. I'm glad that you've decided this. I'm definitely up for purchasing it. I was pretty shattered when I saw that it was off FP because I've been reading False Facades over the years. Just when I had the time to check out the ending (even though you had completed it quite a while back), it was gone.

    Nevertheless, great job! I like how you're approaching all this plagiarism going around. I know the feeling.

  7. I am very upset that when i went to your story there was only one chapter posted. I understand the plagerism and can't wait till you repost on FP

  8. I want to purchase it when it's up. Your story is amazing, and I've been a fan since the beginning. You deserve to be paid for it.

  9. I think that your plans are very good and well thought through. It's really awesome how you also pay attention to the readers that won't be able to buy the book =)
    Thanks for that.

  10. hi
    i'd love it buy a copy, if i weren't a dependant(e?a?) and just a little older than when you first made False Facades. Mom'll kill me.
    Therefore I'm stuck with what u deem "crappy", which I disagree after reading the first chapter of your story :D I'd use addictive. =D
    Hope u'll put it up again, soon!

  11. Hey, as a long time fan of False Facades, I have to say that if I ever find a copy in print, I'll buy it, and probably a copy for a couple of my friends, too. I really enjoyed the original, but I'm absolutely certain the new version will be even better.nonstr

  12. Pu-sha. Now I have to wait longer? I haven't even read the story and yet I'm intrigued. I'm not going to ask you anything (cause apparently you're always busy or something) so that plan goes down the drain. That's awesome you got that many reviews though. I mean, wowza, if I could accomplish that I'd be smirking behind this computer screen, smug with myself and my befitting accomplishments. Okay, enough about that, update or get that story out sometime. Why would some freak steal it anyway? I don't think it would make a difference if you posted it or not, because only one person is copying it (the same idiot over and over again) and if she's doing this she obviously already has a copy so the only way to really kill the weed at the root would be to stalk her to her house, search and destroy style.
    On the root, I encourage you to someday (and that someday being extremely soon, seeing as the holidays are coming up and boarding school stories are like fine wine in the event of holidays (because everyone is sick of their family and wish they went to one) and boarding schools remind people of harry potter and thus of christmas and such.). Okay well if that wasn't a completely pointless rant, I don't know what is. I wonder if you'll be reading this anytime soon? Well, at least I tried.
    You only wrote False Facades when you were a freshmen? That funny and cute. I'm a senior now-- funny how time flies by-- and love looking back on my sad little stories of christmas's past. They haunt me and make me smile all at once. God was I an idiot.
    Anyway. By and thanks for your.. um... time. Is that a proper conclusion? Will be. Night!!! (well I'm going to be now...)
    - Beast from the East