Monday, January 5, 2009


I went out for brunch with a group of friends this morning - the earliest I've woken in days since vacation started! All of us were bleary-eyed.

I had a cup of cappuccino first - big mistake. Getting caffeine on an empty stomach made me absolutely nauseous.

Then I brilliantly downed a glass of mimosa. Me = Lightweight = Weaksauce. (Who'd ever heard of getting tipsy at brunch over one mimosa?! I swear my tolerance doesn't build up; it wilts with each alcohol venue I go out to.)

But I didn't even get buzzed. Nope, I skipped the high and went straight to queasy, kill me now, ugh.

By the time our food came, I didn't even want to look at my eggs benedict. I got them with salmon gravlax and they made me even more nauseous.

I was so afraid I was going to hurl, I stopped drinking and sat there, taking breathers between bites because I, like all good Asian children, have been taught not to waste food.

Friends kept chatting until one of them noticed my face. "Are you okay?"

They had heard about my party debacle the other night so they leapt into action, quickly moving away my mimosa while ushering in water and more coffee (ugh).

Then friend tried to pull out a tissue, knocked over her glass of mimosa, which karate-chopped MY glass. I reached out to rescue it and tried to set my glass back upright only to find that it had somehow ... shrunk. Uh, where'd the stem go?

Second friend picked up the broken off stem of the champagne glass and I stared at it, bewildered. I moved my glass, hovering over the stem base and for a half second, I wondered if I should set my glass on top of the stem and it could somehow magically stand, melded back together like puzzle pieces. (It was the alcohol speaking.)

Fortunately, the waitress was really nice about it and all she said during clean-up duty was, "Would you like another drink?"

"I think we're good."

I think it sobered me up and I felt much better afterward. The coconut pie there was really good.


  1. This might seem random, but are there any updates on Through Me? I can't wait for the next chp. :)

  2. My goodness, Maeven. Two mistakes in a row. Coffee and alcohol on an empty stomach makes for bad results. Especially if you're a lightweight.

    lol But I guess you've learned your lesson now... or have you? O.o

    But I always thought I was the only person who got nauseas after drinking coffee on an empty stomach. My friends think I'm weird for it.

    Also, don't drink coffee on an empty stomach and then take a long car ride. It's hell...

  3. I didn't know coffee made me nauseous either ... until I had it on an empty stomach. Well, lesson learned! I really do wish I wasn't such a cheap drunk though.

    I'm currently working on the next chapter for Through Me and I hope to have it out shortly. Hopefully, over the weekend? No promises, but that's my goal.

  4. Haha, this was really funny. I got to your blog from FictionPress, by the way. I really liked the way you went... the stem was... shorter...and then so on and so forth. It really set the scene.