Sunday, January 18, 2009

Through Me Pics - Lindy

My cousin has been infatuated with Tristan Harland ever since False Facades days - never mind the other characters. I used to think I was louder and crazier than she was, but as we grew up, our roles seemed to have reversed and I can now (proudly?) say she just might be more eccentric than I am. Whoa. But she's also the person who has never failed to demand a new chapter every time I see her and she's the one who has consistently encouraged me to continue writing throughout these past few years.

With that said, it's no wonder why she forwarded me an email, demanding to join in the character pic fun. Ah, how I love her.

Tristan Harland - Chad Michael Murray (She misses Gilmore Girls.)

Adeline Bradbury - Kim Isak (She believes Adel would look more Caucasian, like Kim Isak. She also thinks Kim Isak seems taller and tougher than other girls, which is how she imagined Adel.)

Status: 6 pages in for TM Chapter 26.


  1. The first persone that comes to my mind when i think of Adeline is Vanessa Hudgens, shes part everything from chinease to irish and has the whole exotic look going on.

    As Tristan i think Alex Pettyfer is perfect for the role, hes got long blond hair but and green eyes( i know Tristan has blue, but we can overlook that fact because hes gorgeous)