Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Went over to friend's place today to hang out despite the rainy, cold weather. We baked chocolate chip cookies and gorged on snacks and Chinese take-out, all the usual, you know, good nutritious goodies.

I don't know what we did, but somehow, we killed several hours.

I came home, read a bit, and got pressured into picking up Twitter by a friend. I'm still puzzled by its purpose, but what's the harm? Microblogging at its best? Worst? We'll see. (Follow me if you wish to stalk see what I do at all these odd lil moments throughout the day! - updates to the bottom right of the blog.)

Although all these social networking sites are starting to take its toll on me - I absolutely hate logging into Facebook these days. It's like this addictive gossip feeder that sucks in your soul and at the end, you find yourself short two hours. So now I hardly log on and whenever I get to a reunion with friends, I'm all surprised by all these new random tidbits (Our high school computer sci teacher is living where?! He's engaged to a girl in our class, what?! Our middle school friends are hooked up, how?!)

So now I can slip Twitter under my belt as well. Whoo, go mundane tasks updates!

By the way, I really am completing time sheets now for my mentor. I got called into lab for tomorrow after getting lectured for an hour over the phone. :( Bright and early, fun fun fun.

Edit: BTW, I keep forgetting this, but I'd like to apologize to certain readers who have sent me private messages. I'm slowly but surely getting around to all of them! I am so sorry! Please be assured that I'm not ignoring you - I just never seem to get around to answering them all in a timely manner. But I wanted to especially thank those of you who have pointed out parts in the stories with grammatical or other mechanical issues! Thank you so, so, so much!

I'm horrible with proofing, especially when it comes to grammar - my eyes just gloss right over them and your help is very highly appreciated! Not many people choose to review in the first place these days for some odd reason (I do see you, lurkers. Don't think I don't. Especially now that they've spiffied up alerts. I literally stalk you stalking me. :), but you guys go a step beyond by taking the time out to send along useful constructive pointers! Enough said, I love you.


  1. Hi Maeven,

    a couple of months ago, you were accepting posts for TM pics. i hope you are still accepting photos for false facades now that you reposted it.
    so here is a pic for sammy

    its an australian model from ANTM. She is rather tall but she has red hair and green eyes.,,6075071,00.jpg

  2. Hey Anonymous,

    Thanks for the pics! :) I will post them up in a separate entry very soon!

    - Maeven