Monday, January 12, 2009

White Coat & Gross Anatomy

We got our white coats and recited our Hippocratic Oath, modernized version today. Never have we been so blinded by flashing cameras! Yay!

We also started dissection today and I thought - oh, the smell wasn't so bad. I don't know why they say we'll stink. I get home, took a sniff of my shirt, and WOW! A wave of formaldehyde!

Those who donated their bodies for dissection are the most noble people in the world! Just ... why, Charles the 80 year old mathematics professor, why! Why must your back have so much discolored fat? We worry about you. Boy at the next table asks were you burned? Everyone is amazed by the state of your back - they walk by and speechless, they walk away.

But don't worry, we shall clean your fat away and your muscles will be beautiful. Thank you, Charles!


  1. wow! Congrats, I suppose! ( though I don't think cutting into a body is anything to celebrate xD) Sounds like medicine is just filled with fun. xD

  2. cleaning up after a dead person? Lovely >.>