Saturday, November 1, 2008

Through Me Chapter 23

Through Me Chapter Twenty-Three is finally up! At nineteen pages, it's easily two times the size of a regular chapter. It nearly killed me.

The weather's been freezing these past few days. It went from glorious sunny warmth one day to getting a blast of what felt like ice needles in my face. Friend and I couldn't even see in the wind as we walked down the hill from campus and the rain didn't help much. However, it warmed up a bit yesterday. Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! Baby cousins went as a pirate and a witch, haha. The older one is now 3 years old and he outgrew his costume from last year so all he had was his pirate hat.

I had a quiz and two exams this past week and I have more coming up next Monday and Friday. Also, the presentation for French? Yeah, some girl went up and did my assigned city, so I need to prepare a new presentation for a new city now.

Also, work sucks. I have to recheck soldering for individual electrode pins before they get sent out to be gamma irradiated which means I'd have to repack everything by next Friday. Cursed life!

But NaNoWriMo has started and I'm using it as an opportunity to crank out something I've been thinking about for a while. Since it'll be really rough and will contain ideas I'd need to recheck along the way, it's going to be one of my sideline private projects, I think.

BTW, Chapter 23 featured Will's T-shirt with the lovely saying: "If You Like My Guns, You'll Love My Rocket." This was actually based on a real shirt my friend wore to class. It was hilarious since he actually had the nerve to wear it for his Genetics presentation and everyone else were like "Psst, just keep staring at his shirt." I googled it and found the shirt sold online at cafepress. Humorous T-shirts galore there, apparently. :)

I need to write serious stuff now, as in epidemiology position essays on experimental vs. observational designs regarding a paper on Estrogen and Progestin Therapies. Joy, my checklist just gets longer and longer.


  1. Interesting Chapter o.0
    hah hah hah
    Im still not sure how to take it in

  2. I have a question, who is Carrie, going out with... for some reason I thought it was Caine... but that just seems wrong. Is it Jack?

    ~The Red Mouse

  3. Thanks for the comments!

    To The Red Mouse: Yes, Carrie is going out with Jack.

  4. I already left a review on fictionpress but I feel like I should also say something on your blog since I visit it once everyday. Anyway, I love that you finally posted the kiss scene and that the great thing about your story is that you have a main guy character who isn't going to ignore what's going on. I love that Tristan tries to make Adel talk to him and doesn't let her run away. You know what I also realize? Tristan pretty much takes care of her and stuff. It would be nice to see her take care of him, like telling him to wear a coat since it's cold, or sleep more. Maybe he could get sick or something? Anyway I just really love your story and just wanted to let you know, I'm always going to read your work.

  5. To Jennifer: Thanks so much for the review and the comments! Good points and good ideas. ;) Tristan tends to be quiet and impassive, but can get particularly stubborn when he wants to get to the bottom of things. Adel's louder and a bit rash, but sometimes, I think she'd rather avoid things in difficult situations. Quite strange personalities.

    But I do think Tristan deserves a nice break now that he's tracked down the girl. :)