Saturday, November 8, 2008

Basshole Pouts & Voyeuristic Bubble Baths

I took my Biochem exam yesterday and it was horrific. I can't even think about it without feeling the need to curl up into a random corner of my room. The end.

Also, because of my furious cramming and essay writing, I am so behind on NaNoWriMo that my NaNoWriMo calendar widget so far is coded alarm red because that's supposed to be the color when I've done monstrously bad. That's sure to be alarming.

So I went on a night of braindead frenzy instead as I caught up with random TV shows. Watched Gossip Girl and marveled at the way Chuck Bass can do his "pursing of the lips in cynical thought" thing (a.k.a. the Basshole pout?), the number of times his soulful lips juts out is probably more than all the girls in the show combined. And these are high elite teenage girls who have to stress about, like, getting into Yale, hitting all the hot spots, hooking up with cute boys, trying to get family time in with Mommy and Stepfather #5, AND making sure they still look damn hot. Whoa, these brave souls with their lipgloss slicked lips must be true masters at holding back their angsty facial expressions.

That being said, Chuck Bass is my favorite Gossip Girl character. I have an unhealthy fondness of watching the sadistic relationship between Blair and Chuck - they just make things so much more interesting. (A side note, the couple's joint name is CHAIR? What? Bluck wasn't cool enough?)

Chair Reunion. Or Team Bluck. Featuring Chuck Bass' Blue Steel pout.

Next up was America's Next Top Model. What is going on with that show? One minute, the awkward, eccentric European Marjorie is wrangling her hands and going "I'm so insecure!" and the next, she's frolicking in the bathtub with two other girls, having a threesome bubble bath. Episode 11, she follows her go-sees debacles up with a second tearful bath while her best buddy sits along the side of the tub, sipping from a mug as she observes Marjorie bathing and bemoaning, "I wish I was more confident!"

I don't know about you, but the last time I took a bath with someone watching was when my mom still had to prop me up so I wouldn't drown.

Or who knows, maybe I'm just the odd one who doesn't rank friends watching you take a bath up there as a fun girl-bonding session. Hmmm.

Back to writing papers and working on the next chapter (How do you get out of awkward situations? Adel says: Run.) in between trying to claw my way back up to a NaNoWriMo friendly word count.


  1. I am actually re-reading your story that was previously in fictionpress. (My friend copied and put it in word doc before you took it down; don't worry, she's a bit phobic with the whole plagiarizing, so she has to take some of her favourite story so that she won't miss anything out in case the author take it down.)

    So yea, so here I am stumbling into your blog. Well, the post regarding Chuck's pout is really cute. And yes, Chuck is probably the most intriguing character in GG and he has a mysterious air around him. So gorgeous.

    Well, that's all, see you around. =)


  2. Sadly I don't have much TV time so I haven't watched either shows. But that Chuck guy really is so cute.

    I'm actually re-reading Through Me right now and I was wondering why is it titled Through Me? I know in the first chapter, Tristan says something along the lines of 'So you tried to go Through Me?'

    False Façades was titled well because of well the false facades of both Sam and I suppose of her uncle and maybe even Victoria? I can't be too sure as I can't read FF again. (Not a crit on you taking it down, a crit on my bad memory xD)

    Anyways, good luck with NaNoWriMo!


    P.S. How do you feel about fan art about your characters? Like sketches or maybe digital art instead of photos?

  3. So this has been bugging me for awhile but I'm pretty forgetful so every time I review I never remember to ask.

    So remember that yahoo group that you had ages ago? And there was that anime picture of a girl and a guy hugging? It looked soo pretty. Where was it from?

    Haha, America's Next top model - I always felt dirty after watching that show, like I have somehow turned really shallow or bitchy. It was funny though and some of the photos turned out beautifully.

    I stopped watching when one girl peed in a nappy on purpose and I got way grossed out.

    I've never seen Gossip Girls 'cause the books really sucked. I heard the t.v. show is pretty cool, though. Not airing in Australia, so it's a moot point anyway, unless I want to watch online (I don't. Dude, I REALLY do not need more ways to procrastinate.)

    Anyway, good luck with NaNoWriMo!

  4. Haniza: Thanks for your interest in the story! Your friend is quite smart and prepared - as long as she keeps the stories for her own private perusal, more power to her. :) And yes, Chuck is adorable.

    Renee-Rose: First of all, I'd like to thank you for all your reviews! I remember your name because I see it all the time from your reviews - I adore you. Second of all, thanks for following the blog! I now have a handful of FOLLOWERS! Doesn't that sound creeptastically awesome, like I'm the cult leader gathering in minions?

    Please don't unfollow me now.

    As for your question about the title, unfortunately, I must admit I'm horrible with titles. If I could, I would name it Tristan and Adel Goes to Beijing and BACK!. But basically, my idea is along the lines of False Facades, how it takes Adel's appearance to let Tristan relax and let her see through his gentlemanly exterior to the real him with all of his flaws and vice versa. I could also have named it Big Bird Attacks. That might have been better.

    Also, I would LOVE artwork for character pictures, especially fanart. It makes my heart swell with song. I'm pretty much game for anything as long as you don't forward me porn pics. Not cool.

    Hannah: I once mentioned somewhere that I spend a lot of time looking up pretty backgrounds for my computer, right? That picture on the Yahoo! Group was one of the many I found so unfortunately, I don't really know where it came from. It might have just been an independent artwork.

    ANTM and Gossip Girl are both guilty pleasures, designed to be addictive and sinful-inspiring. Ah, I can't get enough of the clothes on Gossip Girl though.

  5. *lol* No I won't stop following you now. xD

    No problem! I really love your stories. Big Bird Attacks would've been an awesome title. >> BUT now I totally see the title Through Me! Now I feel lame for not realizing it sooner. ^^'