Sunday, November 16, 2008

Through Me Chapter 24

Through Me Chapter 24 is up! Things are slower in this chapter, but everything will pick up again next installment.

By the way, I wanted to wish my lovely cousin a very happy belated birthday! I got her some make-up stuff and she gives the new Clinique Lash Power Mascara Long Wearing Formula thumbs up. I read good reviews for it and since she wanted a waterproof, long staying mascara, I picked it up for her to try out. According to her, you need no eye make-up remover and it rinses off with warm water in the shower. Oooh.

But what happens if you tear up? Supposedly, it takes several splashing of warm water to get it off though so it sounds good to me. Unless I'm planning to bawl my eyes out, it seems like an awesome mascara. Easy to wear, easy to clean.

And this ends your commercial of the day. We return you to your regularly scheduled program.


  1. I don't wear mascara so no comments. xD

    NEW CHAPTER!! WOOT!! I shall have something more intelligent to say once I've read the chapter. Maybe.


  2. “He wrestled me to the ground,” Adel explained in a hurry and when Sammy’s mouth dropped open, too late did she realize that it was the wrong thing to say.


    That is all. It's after one in the morning but I couldn't sleep until I read the new chapter. I think I left a more coherent review on =P

    btw, so far I have the rough line art for Will done. I'm still sketching Adel, Sammy, etc. Will however just *snap* came out perfect. At least in my opinion. xD

  3. I can't wait to see your artwork, Rayne! :) Sounds exciting!