Sunday, November 23, 2008

Busy, Busy!

I've been getting to bed at 3 in the morning this past week for papers and exams. It's quite sad when the fox in my Gmail theme gets to bed earlier than I do. Three little foxy ghosties pop up instead to play Go outside the house so at least, I get animated animal spirits to keep me company.

Beyond sad.

It's cold and I have a heat dish on that just started blaring. That can't be good.

I have to work with describing and calculating confounding variables in the association of alcohol consumption with lung cancer right now and my group members are hiding from me. Heads will roll tomorrow if they show up without any work done. No joke. Friends say I'm a dictator during group projects.

Short post today because I'm really stressed out. It's crunch time for papers and finals and board exams so I'm having a hard time getting writing done. I got three pages for the next chapter of TM. :(

On a happier note, I got fanart! :) And a few more pictures to post up later on.

Until then, got chivalry?

Edit: Oh, btw, speaking of chivalry, did anyone go see the Twilight movie? Someone sent a short clip of the theater experience and all I heard was these animalistic moans and shrieks. From the audience.


  1. are you in one of those 7/8 year med programs because it sounds really stressful? Good luck with exams. Looking forwrd to the next chp of through me.

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  3. Aww!! I can be kinda bossy during group projects too. But all I have to say in my defense is that if they all did what they were supposed to I wouldn't need to boss them. xD

    *raises hand* I saw Twilight with my sister on Friday. I couldn't really hear what Edward was saying because of all the SCREAMS from the audience. *roll eyes* It was so annoying.

    Thank gosh my friends haven't seen it yet so I'm gonna see it again and hopefully WITHOUT the screaming.

    But movie-wise it was pretty good. But I did have low expectations for it. xD It wasn't as good as the books but then again what movie based on a book is as good as the book?

    I hope things ease up for you!

  4. The Twilight movie was better than expected. It felt a little rushed (like the falling in love), and some of the minor details were changed: like she met Jacob on the first day, and was going to go to Jacksonville instead of Seattle. It was a good movie, pretty good being based on a book anyway.

  5. You can't believe how annoying the crowd was, they screamed whenever a character appeared, and it's not even like they were popping out from the screen. But the movie itself was pretty good actually, you know, rob pattinson is really quite edwardish, and when he said those sweet things to Bella, you'll just go awwww. HAHA.

  6. Haha, Twilight the Theater experience sounds too wild for my eardrums. I'll wait til it hits DVD, kthanks.

    Anonymous: Yes, I am. And yes, it is. :( Thanks for the luck! I need all I can get.

  7. Ahh that explains the constant epi presentations you have to do. I want to apply for 7/8 yr program. The one at Brown sounds so wonderful/ horrifying/stressful. :) good thing I have another year. Right now I must focus on SAT. I sound like such a spaz talking about college. I blame my school and its overly competitive nature.
    On a happier note, my friends and I went to see twilight/ mock the object of many fangirls' adulation. It was pretty good in terms of sound/scenery. But the dialogue was trite. I dont think I will ever enjoy Twilight. I couldnt even manage to finish the first book. Quantum of Solace, on the other hand, was wonderful and awesome. Much more worthwhile than twilight. :P well goodluck again with exams/presentations. And all your epi work keeps remnding me to get started on my epi project for YES. You might have heard of it
    gosh i wrote too much. Sorry. :) can't wait for the next chp of TM. How many more chapters do you have planned? And would you ever do a sequel one shot of the whole gang in the future?

  8. Good luck on your apps and projects, Anonymous! The Twilight experience is quite the ... experience. Like False Facades, I was thinking of 30 chapters for TM, but it's not set in stone yet since it might take longer to wrap things up. Maybe. I might consider one-shots in the future one day. It all depends on my workload and mood.

    I procrastinated a lot today and it felt good while I wasn't thinking about it, but the panic is already starting to sink in now. :(