Saturday, November 8, 2008

Through Me: Adel Pics - Jessica

I got quite a few pictures the other day for characters and here's the first post:

Apparently, Alex Prettyfer has a lot of love so there's one more fan on his side and Jessica didn't feel the need to search for another Tristan. However, she was inspired to go Adel-hunting, braving the perils of the internet search engine.

Says Jessica:

"I don't actually look up pictures very often, so I don't have much experiance with this kind of stuff. Oh my gawwwd, it's so scary. Half the sites on google lead to semi-pornographic images (which thankfully I didn't click). One that I thought was safe actually had a disclaimer that said "enter if you want to see explicit sexual images". I fairly ran away from that site. >_<

Oh, the things I do, as a loyal fan, to obsess over your story.
This is why you should update more riight? <33
Just kidding, I know you're busy.

Meh, I don't actually agree with the Adels that were posted up. They seem to, I dunno, classy. Adel seems like a really average-ish girl who shines on the inside more than the outside. I wouldn't think of her as a stunning beauty. But I guess that's just my interpretation.

That being said, I present to you my hour of google searching. Appreciate the hazardous websites that I braved to get these images. Oh my. D:

Oh, I do appreciate it. I really do. :) I know too well the kinds of weird images that pop up whenever I try to search for something. ("Why is there a lady reclining on a table in stockings and a red bra here? I thought I was looking for Chicken and Waffles ...")

Without further ado, here are the new pictures, courtesy of Jessica's fearless efforts:

Adeline Bradbury - China Chow (British actress) (That's one funky name, btw.)

"Last one is kind of weird, but it was on the page, so hahaha, I just included it. That's China Chow btw." - Jessica.

Adeline Bradbury - Celina Horan (Model)

"Celina Horan also makes an okay Adel, but she's too, uhh, angular and flawless for my liking, but the second picture with the tree really reminds me of something Adel would do. (:" - Jessica

Once again, thanks, Jessica, for taking the time to look up pictures!

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  1. I think celina horan is the best Adel so far. :)