Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes We Can

Congratulations to the President-Elect Barack Obama!

Last night, for a moment there, I was worried about the Bradley effect or if there might be another repeat of the Florida fiasco, but Obama and his team have persevered. Throughout this grueling campaign process, he'd maintained his calm composure and has shown class and grace in the face of relentless attacks on his character. I'm proud of our nation and while the near future probably won't be free of rough patches, I know I'm looking forward with hope. Last night was a testimony to our belief in the democratic system and I thought both contenders handled the election results with professionalism. Kudos to McCain for his long, hard-fought campaign battle and for his gracious concession speech. Congratulations to Obama for his triumphant victory and his powerful speech in Chicago. May Obama's new administration offers the change we want and need, as it continues to inspire thousands to make a difference everyday.

While I was coming home from school, this girl asked the man next to me if he knew where she could find a copy of The New York Times. Dressed in casual Columbia sweatpants, she'd apparently been shuffling all around in search of a copy of the elusive newspaper with its bold headline: OBAMA.

The man told her that he had looked for it himself and couldn't find a copy from three different news stands. It was sold out everywhere.

Across the nation, throughout the whole world, everyone knows that we are witnesses to a new page in history. Generations later, we will probably look back at this time and pull out these very same newspaper clippings to reminisce on this day, the day the United States chose change.


  1. do you attend Columbia. I'm applying there. :)

  2. Hi anonymous:

    Nope. I don't attend Columbia. :)

    Columbia is an awesome school with a very nice campus though - best of luck on your application process!